The Flaky Biscuit Podcast celebrates the connection between food and memories

Flaky Biscuit Podcast with Bryan Ford, photo provided by Shondaland
Flaky Biscuit Podcast with Bryan Ford, photo provided by Shondaland /

As many people have come to appreciate, food creates a connection around a table. Whether it is a favorite food from childhood or a new flavor experience, that dish can spark a conversation. On The Flaky Biscuit Podcast, Bryan Ford invites guests to explore food as another layer to their personal journey.

Food and memories are often intertwined. While many people can recall the specific meals that grandma made for a particular holiday, it is more than just the words that can bring a person back to that moment. A taste, an aroma, or even a visual can turn a simple moment into a special one.

On The Flaky Biscuit Podcast, host Bryan Ford uses food as a catalyst to a deeper conversation. As guests sit down to chat, Ford cooks or bakes a particular meal or dish. Whether the meal is a slice of nostalgia or a particular memorable moment, the idea is to use food as a way to bring that past forward.

Speaking to how he approaches this podcast, Bryan Ford shared, “Everyone desires a meal that might make others raise an eyebrow, but in reality, it’s the nostalgic comfort in one’s journey that makes a meal special. There is nothing that brings people together more than food, and as a baker, I find that bread is one of the most profound unifiers out there. Food is a pathway to memories, experiences, and the knowledge that one has attained over time.”

While the phrase breaking bread might sound simplistic, that table is a safe space where people can openly speak their truth over a plate of food. The differences do not have to be pushed aside. Rather, they can be that additional layer to understand the hows, wheres and why a person has come to be sitting in that chair.

Flaky Biscuit Podcast
Flaky Biscuit Podcast with Bryan Ford, photo provided by Shondaland /

Just like everyone has different flavor preferences, the differences of opinions can be the seasoning to the conversation. What might start a touch salty can be balanced with a little sweetness. Similar to any journey, no one knows what the outcome will be unless they sample and savor everything on the path along the way.

As The Flaky Biscuit airs episodes, the guests will be varied. Speaking to how guests were chosen, the Shondaland team shared that they are looking for inspirational people who have made real change in their lives while creating change within different communities. Other guests are people who break the mold within their respective industry while maintaining that fun, down to earth energy.

Although those characteristics are quite broad, one aspect unites them. There is an energy that draws each person to the kitchen for that taste of nostalgia. It is the premise of the podcast and the basis of the meal that Ford prepares for them.

As Ford said, “It’s my goal to bring my guests back to a specific moment in time, and I’m always surprised to learn their most nostalgic meal – from a vending machine treat to a regional pizza chain, it is such a thrill to see how humble these wonderful guests truly are.”

That humility is what will draw listeners to devour each and every episode. While food is a unifier, it also inspires. The biggest takeaway might be listeners desire to create their own version of this meal experience at their own table.

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