Best burger buns: Which one is right for that hamburger?

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(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for TikTok) /

Hamburgers are a summer grilling staple. While many cooks are perfecting their burger recipe, that memorable bite is a composed one. In addition to condiments, toppings, and cheese, the bun is vital to the eating enjoyment. These best burger buns will take that hamburger to the next level.

While King Arthur Flour Baking might have the ultimate recipe for baking a bun from scratch, many people would prefer to buy buns from the grocery store. Although there is not a package to package ratio controversy like hot dog buns, the vast and varied bun options on the shelf can have people wondering which bun is right for that juicy, masterfully grilled burger.

From potato buns to pretzel rolls to even a brioche offering, the best burger buns are both a personal preference and complimenting the burger being served.

Six best burger buns

Wonder Hawaiian Buns

While the classic Wonder Bread might be a staple with barbecue, the newest addition to the line, Wonder Hawaiian Buns bring a touch of sweetness to the conversation. The soft texture is still apparent, but the slightly tropical nod works well with big, bold spicy burgers.

Although the Hawaiian description might have some people thinking of grilled pineapple toppings, consider a bold, spicy flavor pairing. From a smoky chipotle salsa to even a habanero jack cheese, the sweetness can balance the heat. Sometimes the contrasting flavors add extra excitement to the table.

Oroweat Premium Golden Seeded Sliced Buns

A classic burger bun, the Oroweat Premium Golden Seeded Sliced Buns are great with a simple cheese burger with traditional toppings. The slightly bigger bun can stand up to all the extras.

For a more enjoyable eating experience, take the advice from Chef David Rose and toast that bun. The slightly crisp texture helps to keep all the items in between the bread in place. After all, no one wants anything to slide off that bun.

Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains and Seeds

Some people prefer a little extra in the burger bun. Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains and Seeds has texture from the additional ingredients incorporated into the dough. Although people can debate the “healthy” adjective, these buns feel a little heartier. For a whole grain bun, the texture feels more like the classic, pillowy variety.

Arnold Country Potato Sandwich Buns

Potato buns are often a favorite for their texture. That squishy quality makes it a popular choice for smashburgers. But, the bun needs a little chew, and the Arnold Country Potato Sandwich Buns offer that. Go simple with this burger and bun combination to let each component stand out.

King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Hamburger Buns

A pretzel bun gives that pub-burger vibe. While many people think of King’s Hawaiian for its classic buns, their Pretzel Hamburger Buns are great with that over the top burger. Consider pairing these burger bunds with a hearty mushroom Swiss burger or even burger topped with some kraut. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried the flavor combination.

St Pierre Bakery brioche buns

As many chicken sandwich fans have to appreciate, brioche buns make for flavorful eating experience. The St Pierre Bakery brioche buns are available in a classic variety as well as a sesame topped option. This bun is wonderful with a BBQ inspired burger or even a classic bacon burger.

Ready to get grilling? Did your choice for best burger buns make this list?