Floral Iced Tea Popsicles are steeped in ultimate summer refreshment

Numi Berried Treasures Iced Tea Popsicle, photo provided by Omni Hotels and Resorts
Numi Berried Treasures Iced Tea Popsicle, photo provided by Omni Hotels and Resorts /

For some, that pitcher of sun tea on the back porch might be a nod to grandma. It might be a reference to simpler times, but tea and summer go hand in hand. For a new twist on the ultimate summer refreshment, these floral iced tea popsicles are a must try.

Currently, Omni Hotels and Resorts are celebrating the Summer of Tea. Throughout its portfolio of over 50 hotels and resorts, the tea-inspired food and beverage offerings celebrate the flavor and benefits of tea. While that beverage might be steeped in culture and ritual, there has been a surge in popularity in recent years.

According to Chef David Harker of Omni Hotels & Resorts stated that “Tea has been named one of the top beverage trends for 2023 which inspired us to explore all its versatility and benefits. Steeped in the spirit of the summer, we’ve created a truly dynamic collection of menu offerings that meld different blends with the local flavors and traditions of each Omni destination.”

As seen on the special menu, tea’s diversity is front and center. This concept is more than a simple pot and cup. From cocktails to savory dishes and even desserts, the flavors are both bold and subtle. Guests can enjoy items like Tea-Brined and Double Fried Hot Chicken Gyro or an Orange Spiced Tea-Smoked Duck Banh Mi. Cocktails include a Strawberry Rose Paloma or a Southern Peach Smash.

While the culinary creativity is on full display in this Summer of Tea menu, many people are drawn to tea for its nutritional benefits. As Omni Hotels partner in the Summer of Tea, Reem Hassani, Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder of Numi Organic Tea spoke to the growing popularity of tea. “Our vision has always been to share the transformative healing power of tea with the world. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with Omni Hotels & Resorts and to be able to share our teas in so many innovative and delicious ways with its guests.”

Although many people will happily enjoy the Summer of Tea menu at the various Omni Hotels and resorts, the culinary team has shared a recipe for Floral Iced Tea Popsicles. While this special recipe might create a moment of rejuvenation at home, it the stunning visual paired with the impeccable refreshment that has people asking to make the recipe time and again.

Floral Iced Tea Popiscles
Numi Berried Treasures Iced Tea Popsicle, photo provided by Omni Hotels and Resorts /

Numi Berried Treasures Iced Tea Popsicle


  • Numi Berried Iced Tea (Cold)
  • Cranberry juice cocktail
  • 8 strawberries (sliced)
  • ¼ cup of edible flowers
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 4TBS Agave syrup

Preparation steps:

  • Make tea ahead of time. Let cool overnight – Make stronger than usual
  • Mix together cold tea and cranberry juice cocktail
  • Divide the fruit and leaves into popsicle molds and add in the tea/juice blend
  • Place popsicle sticks in the molds and freeze overnight
  • Remove from molds and keep frozen until ready to eat

From making these Floral Iced Tea Popsicles to enjoy the Summer of Tea at Omni Hotels and Resorts, there are plenty of ways to feel replenished during the warmer months.