IHOP adds Pancake Tacos, a new handheld breakfast innovation

IHOP adds Pancake Tacos for a limited time, photo provided by IHOP
IHOP adds Pancake Tacos for a limited time, photo provided by IHOP /

Sometimes choosing between two favorite foods can be the hardest decision. While food fusion might have a broader conversation at a chef’s table, menu innovation does not have to be overly complicated. With the new IHOP Pancake Tacos, it is time to put down the fork and pick up a big bite of deliciousness.

Breakfast food is not limited to a particular hour. While that coffee help push away the sleepiness, those pancakes, eggs, and bacon can be served morning, noon, and night. It is one of the reasons why IHOP is always ready to serve those breakfast favorites when the craving hits.

While the humble pancake is always a popular choice, there has not been much innovation in the concept. Toppings might change or some people might be creative with the shape or image. Still, the stack sits on the plate waiting for the fork to break into that first bite.

With the new IHOP Pancake Tacos, the fork can stay on the table. These handheld breakfast items bring together what people love about pancakes and tacos in a perfect bite.

According to Chef Arthur Carl II, Vice President, Culinary at IHOP, “As the leader in breakfast, we were inspired to expand the Pancake Taco concept following IHOP’s ‘Choco-Pancake’ cultural innovation from last summer. We didn’t want to simply redo that item, but rather bring to life a dish that leverages our best-selling pancakes in an innovative way that is both fun and different to deliver guests a unique dining experience. These handheld pancake creations lean into our breakfast equity while giving everyone a choice on sweet or savory – or both – to enjoy during all dayparts.”

IHOP Pancake Tacos four flavors
IHOP adds Pancake Tacos in four sweet and savory flavors, photo provided by IHOP /

IHOP Pancake Tacos come in sweet and savory options

The new IHOP Pancake Tacos are available in four options: Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Taco, Caramel Banana Pancake Taco, Breakfast Pancake Taco, and Country Chicken and Gravy Pancake Taco. Some people will opt for the two sweet options. They might be the most traditional transformation of a pancake bite into a taco. Even though the two options could be a little rich, they will be fun to try.

The Breakfast Pancake Taco folds up a traditional breakfast into a taco. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese are stuffed into that pancake. Some people might want to borrow this idea for their own breakfast table.

Lastly, the Country Chicken and Gravy Pancake Taco might be the most curious option. While the idea of fried chicken and waffles has become a staple, this idea might be a new food trend. With fried chicken pieces, hashbrowns, and gravy, it will have many people talking about it. Although a pickle on top might cut the richness, a little spice might be quite tasty too.

The IHOP Pancake Tacos are available now through July 31. One taco is priced at $6 or three tacos can be ordered as a meal. Check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.