Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner celebrates flavorful food connections

Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner Porchetta dish, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner Porchetta dish, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

In a bustling corner of Disney Springs, The Polite Pig calls diners with its robust, smoke infused dishes. From that iconic smoke ring on its brisket to a plate of perfectly glazed ribs, these plates invite diners to grab a pile of napkins and enjoy every single bite. At a special The Polite Pig Bourbon dinner, the celebrated chefs showcased how the food and beverage pairing is more than just a polite dining experience.

Recently, The Polite Pig started offering The Polite Experience, where its chefs and mixologists come together to create a multi-course dining experience. The four-course dinner puts creative combinations front and center. From subtle cocktails to boldly seasoned dishes, the contrasts are as compelling as the commonalities.

During this specialty dinner, the evening started with small bites, the Ravenous Pig Lagermelon, and Bowman Brothers Small Batch bourbon. The Lagermelon awakens the palate with the bright, crisp flavor while the Bowman Brothers Small Batch bourbon invites subtle contemplation. It set the tone for the food journey that lay ahead.

Polite Pig Bourbon dinner Smoked Duck Breast
Polite Pig Bourbon dinner Smoked Duck Breast, photo by Cristine Struble /

For the first course, smoked duck breast with chard was paired with a Watermelon 75. The chefs took great care to bring contrast the rich, smoked duck with bright, pickled notes. While the duck is the star of the plate, the hidden gem is the peach balsamic vinaigrette. It adds that downhome slant to an elevated dish.

When paired with the Watermelon 75, the bright, zesty cocktail helps to contrast the rich duck. With a little effervescence from the sparkling wine, it is a great opening note to the progressive meal.

With the second course, Seared Florida Grouper with Peachy Keen is a nod to the bounty of the sea. The smoked herbed butter is a highlight of the dish. While the crawfish newberg sauce is rich, the thyme and gin in the Peach Keen adds an herbal note to lighten the flavor. Overall, it might not be a traditional barbecue dish, it continues the food journey in a delightful way.

Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner Florida Grouper
Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner Florida Grouper, photo by Cristine Struble /

In the third course, the Polite Pig Porchetta showcases the chefs’ talents. While the charred broccolini, confit fingerling potatoes, and smoked romesco sauce round out the plate, there is no overshadowing the porchetta. Served with a Fat Washed Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned, it is a celebration of the pork’s richness. For anyone who wants pork in every bite, this food pairing was an exalted choice.

Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner s'mores with bourbon flight
Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner s’mores with bourbon flight, photo by Cristine Struble /

Lastly, the final course of the evening put whimsy front and center. The Polite Pig S’more with a private bourbon flight was the piece de resistance to the special event. While the pig shaped graham cracker with homemade marshmallow, chocolate, and berries had the perfect visual, it was the bourbon flight that left the bigger impression. For the ultimate bourbon lover, the Blantons, 1792, and Stagg were the sips to savor and remember for a long time.

While The Polite Pig Bourbon Dinner was a special offering, the Disney Springs restaurant is looking to host these special events more frequently. Check with the company’s website or sign up for its VIP group for more information.