Hard Rock expands Lionel Messi partnership with new Messi Chicken Sandwich

Lionel Messi and Hard Rock expand their menu collaboration, photo provided Hard Rock
Lionel Messi and Hard Rock expand their menu collaboration, photo provided Hard Rock /

As Lionel Messi heads to Miami to join the Major League Soccer, the excitement builds. Everyone is hungry to get a taste of that legendary soccer player’s world. Expanding their Hard Rock partnership, the pair launched the Messi Chicken Sandwich.

Many people long for a connection to their favorite athlete or celebrity. Whether it is a “like us” moment or just a fun coincidence, the reality is that people long for those simple connections. It makes wearing that jersey and cheering for the big play even more meaningful.

Previously, Lionel Messi was named Hard Rock International’s global brand ambassador. The Messi Burger was a huge success. Whether people ordered for the fan connection or the creative flavor combination did not matter. It became a top seller amongst the other classic menu choices.

In a recent announcement, Hard Rock added a new food item that brings one of Messi’s favorite childhood memories to life. The Messi Chicken Sandwich is a nod to the Argentian Milanese dish. Featuring crispy Milanese-style chicken breast, the protein is paired with melted provolone cheese, an herbed aioli, fresh tomatoes and arugula. The combination of flavors is succulent, peppery, and quite satisfying.

Messi Chicken Sandwich at Hard Rock
Messi Chicken Sandwich, photo provided by Hard Rock /

Speaking to this new food offering, Messi said, “There has been no better partner than Hard Rock International in bringing this to life. Like any great teammate, Hard Rock has been with me through historic milestones, and I can’t wait for my fans all over the world to get a taste of one of my childhood favorites that still makes me feel at home, wherever in the world I am.”

The new menu item continues the story of the “Greatness Happens Here” campaign. While few might experience the glory of raising a World Cup trophy, others can have their own moment of greatness both at and beyond the table. Choosing to embrace the opportunity and live in the moment is a part of personal greatness. That belief in the positive and the willingness to move forward is a reward beyond any superlative adjective.

The Messi Chicken Sandwich is available globally at Hard Rock Café locations and at select Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos.