2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars showcase sweet flavor creativity

2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars, photo provided by Sodexo Live
2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars, photo provided by Sodexo Live /

Film, television, and pop culture fans are ready to convene in San Diego. While the panels and events have people lining up for that coveted seat, a signature food item has become a classic during the annual events. Will you be able to snag the 2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars?

The four flavors for the 2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars will be Oooh Bay, Lunchbox Her, Crop Circle Crunch, and Cosplay Crackle. While the names might give a hint about the flavors, these sweet offerings are more than just a simple candy bar. As seen over the years, the chefs push the creative flavor combinations to make very unique offerings.

For example, the Lunchbox Hero will have many people singing nostalgic about their school days. The nod to the classic PB&J is there but it has a twist. Peanut butter rice crisps and concord grape jelly are covered in milk chocolate. While some people might have preferred a strawberry jelly, one bite will could have some people singing that 80s song.

Although food musicals are having a moment, there is nothing corny about the Crop Circle Crunch. The combination of crispy sweet cornbread, dried blueberries and honeycomb candy sounds like a flavor combination from the dinner table. Luckily no one has to shuck that corn to get a taste.

2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars
2023 Comic-Con Candy Bars, photo provided by Sodexo Live /

The Oooh Bay is a vibrant offering featuring ube. While it is a reimagined s’mores, it is the color that will have people talking.

Lastly, the Cosplay Crackle is literally a popping good time. The combination of strawberry Pop Rocks and freeze-dried strawberries are sweet, but the basil is the herbal notes that will have people remembering this special offering.

In addition to the candy bars themselves, there will be various other merchandise available in these themes. Check with the Comic-Con for available and sales of all the items.