New Comic-Con chocolate bars are here and we have a craving for all of them


San Diego Comic-Con is a huge pop culture event. Did you know that the Comic-Con chocolate bars are some of the most popular collectibles each year?

Have you been to San Diego Comic-Con, pinnacle pop culture experience? Each year, the Comic-Con chocolate bars are a sought after treat by convention goers. This year’s collective bars are definitely a must try.

These special celebratory chocolate bars are created by Centerplate’s Executive Chef Daryl O’Donnell and Pastry Chef Mathew Haven. The two chefs collaborate to create themed chocolate bars. From flavors to designs, the chocolate bars are both imaginative and delicious.

To create these tempting treats, it takes the Centerplate team about 60 hours to make about 4,000 chocolate bars. Using 813 pounds of Belgian chocolate, those hard working chefs makes about 100 candy bars every 90 minutes. It is like a real like chocolate factory.

This year’s Comic-Con chocolate bars are available in four flavors, 50/30 Bar, Stranger S’mores, Dragon Smoke and Battle Bar. Each chocolate bar is quite different. While some people will pick these chocolate delights based on name alone, FoodSided suggests that people take a close look at the flavors.

50/30 Bar , Centerplate’s San Diego Comic-Con collectible chocolate bar

As the name states, the 50/30 Bar celebrates both the 50th Comic-Con and the 30th Anniversary of the San Diego Convention Center. This chocolate bar focuses on birthday flavors.

The burst of color from sprinkles is highlighted by the white chocolate. With birthday cake crumbles and vanilla frosting, it is all those delicious birthday cake flavors without having to use a fork.

The Stranger S’mores will definitely be a fan favorite. While s’mores are always a popular flavor, this version gets a twist with crispy waffles. With maple syrup marshmallows and milk chocolate, this chocolate bar might have you rethinking the classic campfire treat.

The Dragon Smoke chocolate bar definitely will light a fire in your taste buds. The smoked dark chocolate is sprinkled with chipotle dust. It might be a slow burn, but you will feel the heat.

Lastly, the Battle Bar is a sweet victory. The dark chocolate with raspberry crisps will definitely have you raising your hands in triumph.

These Comic-Con chocolate bars will be available during SDCC. Since there are limited amounts, it might be best to snag a few before they are gone.

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Which chocolate bar is calling to you? More importantly, would you eat them all?