New Tillamook ice cream flavors bring a scoop of nostalgia

New Tillamook ice cream flavors, photo provided by Tillamook
New Tillamook ice cream flavors, photo provided by Tillamook /

As third most popular family ice cream brand in the U.S., more people are grabbing a pint of Tillamook. While the food brand leans into its premise that a creamier ice cream is more satisfying, the flavor variety keeps people coming back for more. Just in time for National Ice Cream Day, three new Tillamook ice cream flavors have arrived.

Looking at the Tillamook ice cream flavors, the line is quite diverse. While there are the traditional vanilla and chocolate, some of the options are slightly unexpected. Choices like Malted Moo Shake, Marionberry Pie, and Monster Cookie tend to be different from other brands. It is one of the many reasons why this creamery has carved out a niche in the freezer.

With the new Tillamook ice cream flavors, they looked to the nostalgic food trend for inspiration. As Ian Moppert, Ice Cream Scientist, TCCA said, “When looking at our premium ice cream roster, we saw a flavor gap and knew just how to round it out by adding to our lineup of flavors. Research showed us that nostalgia is a key ice cream trend for 2023. Knowing consumers are looking for reimagined classics helped lead us to our new flavors, which we anticipate will leave folks hankering for one more bite. We can’t wait for fans to taste our new limited-edition flavors while keeping an eye out for even more goodness this coming holiday season (spoiler alert!).”

New Tillamook ice cream flavors include Neapolitan
New Tillamook ice cream flavors, photo provided by Tillamook /

The three new Tillamook ice cream flavors are Neapolitan, Orange and Cream, and Campfire Peanut Butter. Each offering has a touch of that nod to the familiar, there is still a blend of flavor innovation in each pint.

For example, the Neapolitan has upgraded that classic triple concoction. The strawberry has chunks of real strawberry, which could have some people eating that flavor first. From the added chocolate ripple to the creaminess of the Old Fashioned Vanilla, it is time to revisit this classic.

The Orange and Cream is an upgraded version of that classic frozen treat on a stick. The orange is bright, zesty and perfectly contrasts the sweet cream. Consider taking a scoop and serving it over a sparkling water or a hard seltzer for adults. It is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

Lastly, the Campfire Peanut Butter Cup is the s’mores offering that you wish was available at summer camp. The toasted marshmallow ice cream with the mini chocolatey peanut butter cups is a lovely contrast of sweet and a touch salty.

For those consumers who are ready to taste the difference, the new Tillamook ice cream flavors and the other offerings from the line are available at various stores, including Target, Kroger, Albertsons and more.

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