This one of a kind pop-up bar will have guests sipping light fantastic

Truly Zero Gravity Bar, photo provided by Truly
Truly Zero Gravity Bar, photo provided by Truly /

While many people might have a signature cocktail or a favorite watering hole, unique experiences often fill that social media feed. From the moody vibe of a speakeasy to the vibrant movie themed experience, the atmosphere makes that beverage even more refreshing. Truly wants a few people to soar into a new sipping experience at this one of a kind pop-up bar.

According to a recent announcement from the hard seltzer brand, the Truly Zero Gravity Bar will open its doors to a few lucky guests. Unlike other special sipping events, this unique experience will have people trading their stylish outfit for something a little more practical, a flight suit.

The Truly Zero Gravity Bar will be opening inside a Boeing-727 “G-Force One. Operated by Zero-G, the world leader in zero gravity flights, the special event will have people soaring, diving, and floating in mid-air. The experience might only take a few minutes, but it will be something to remember for a lifetime.

pop-up bar Truly Zero Gravity Bar
Truly Zero Gravity Bar, photo provided by Truly /

Matt Withington, Director of Marketing at Truly Hard Seltzer said, “At Truly, we believe in embracing the lighter side of life, whether that’s crafting the most refreshing flavors or creating unforgettable, unique drinking experiences for our fans. In celebration of our newest Lightly Fantastic brand platform, it only made sense to go above and beyond with the world’s first-ever Truly Zero Gravity Bar. There’s no better way to remind fans that drinking Truly should be light, fun and joyful than literally defying the laws of gravity with a Truly in hand.”

Although it might be hard to drink a Truly while floating in mid-air, some people might want to enjoy one before and after the zero-gravity experience. This special event is much more thrilling than any roller coaster ride.

To get behind this special velvet rope, people should submit their story why “Truly makes them feel ‘Lightly Fantastic.” While that submission can take any form, the reality is the pitch needs to be out of this world. Even though the world is full of people who think they are living the high life, this unique event is more than just an invite to the next social media capture. It is time for people to think what it means to truly leave gravity behind.

More information can be found on Submissions are open through July 24, 2023.

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