Paris Hilton and Hampton by Hilton serve a taste of the Summer of Sliving

Paris Hilton for Hampton by Hilton, photo provided by Hilton
Paris Hilton for Hampton by Hilton, photo provided by Hilton /

While some people might be shaking up BarbieCore cocktails, Paris Hilton and Hampton by Hilton are serving a different pink treat. As part of the Summer of Sliving, breakfast is all about the strawberry waffle and the Waffle Lady has the perfect recipe.

The summer travel season is in full swing. Whether it is a quick weekend getaway or the ultimate family vacation, people have packed a suitcase and left their cares behind. Although people can indulge in some special room service orders while away from home, breakfast is often a staple to start the day off right. Luckily, Hampton by Hilton has a robust breakfast spread.

Many people cannot get enough of those hot, fresh waffles. Even if it might take a moment to master the perfect flip, the result is a sweet, fluffy bite that satisfies every time.

Periodically, Hampton by Hilton has offered special flavored waffles. While Hampton Inn & Suites Jacksonville team member Regina Triche, aka The Waffle Lady, earned her fame by flipping some over the top ideas, her latest waffle creation is a special upgrade with some help from Paris Hilton. Given that The Waffle Lady has created 150 recipes, she is ready to put her culinary expertise to the test.

Using the special Strawberry flavored waffle batter, the cooking duo are serving some creative options for everyone to enjoy. Since the special flavored waffle will disappear after July 31, everyone better enjoy their fill of the special offering.

While the special strawberry waffles are a food treat that the whole family can enjoy, it is one of many strawberry forward menu items across Hilton properties. From special beverages to salads, the hotel brand is definitely embracing the strawberry summer them.

Strawberry waffles from Hampton by Hilton
Strawberry Waffles from Hampton by Hilton, photo provided by Hilton /

Since many people enjoy bringing a taste of that epic vacation home, the strawberry waffle breakfast could be that special weekend breakfast treat that makes all those food and travel memories come rushing back. Whether it is a need to have a pink waffle, the love of strawberry flavor, or just craving that big breakfast to start the day, there are plenty of reasons to get flipping.

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