SPAM Maple brings a new sweet, savory flavor to boost culinary creativity

New SPAM Maple Flavor joins the brand's permanent lineup, photo provided by Hormel Company
New SPAM Maple Flavor joins the brand's permanent lineup, photo provided by Hormel Company /

While that uniquely shaped can sits front and center on the shelf, some people have not cracked open its food possibilities. With 86 years of history, the Hormel product has transformed itself with 11 different flavors and a multitude of recipe ideas. With the SPAM Maple, the new flavor option puts the sweet and savory food combination front and center. Could a SPAM dessert be in your future?

Some people are enamored with the classic SPAM. It could be the food gem discovered on a Hawaiian vacation or a classic recipe that grandma would serve. Others have not yet incorporated that sizzle, pork, mmm into a dish.

After the holiday’s figgy pudding offering, SPAM Maple is the newest innovation. Speaking to the brand’s new offering, Lisa Selk, vice president of marketing for the SPAM brand said, “When recent research showed a resurgence of cooking breakfast at home and an unwavering consumption of maple products, we knew it was time to create SPAM maple flavored. And as a permanent addition to our lineup, we can’t wait to see the culinary creations our fans cook up for breakfast and beyond.”

SPAM Maple flavor
New SPAM Maple Flavor joins the brand’s permanent lineup, photo provided by Hormel Company /

Tasty recipe ideas for SPAM Maple

Given that SPAM Maple has a sweet, savory flavor, the easiest way to think about this flavor innovation is to compare it with a breakfast sausage. Some of those offerings have a maple infused flavor. Since many successful recipes hit the sweet, salty, and savory notes, this new food product is a simple solution to the capturing layered flavors.

SPAM shared the simple idea of a waffle breakfast sandwich. A fluffy brioche waffle combined with egg, SPAM Maple, and cheese is definitely a hearty meal. For people who want to think beyond the sausage or bacon, it makes sense. Plus, frying that SPAM in a skillet for a crunchy texture would be a smart choice.

Using the new SPAM flavor in a breakfast dish seems like an obvious choice. From an egg hash to a simple dish, those options are straight forward. Basically, it could be an easy swap for bacon or sausage. Whether it is a frittata, egg cup, or even a muffin, the options are many.

While those concepts are a good introduction, it could be time to think a little more outside of the box. An old school Southern Sausage ball would be a great choice. Consider serving it with a side of hot honey for drizzling.

Some people might want to swap that maple bacon donut for a maple SPAM variety. Or, even consider a SPAM Maple crumble as a topping to an ice cream, pie, or other dish.

For anyone who hasn’t opened a can of SPAM recently, the new flavor might be the push to crank open the lid. It could be the flavor that puts a sweet smile to the rest of the day.

The SPAM Maple is rolling out nationwide. It is available online, at Walmart, Amazon and more.

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