Barbenheimer cocktails: Toast to the ultimate double feature

Barbie, Warner Bros. film out July 21, 2023.
Barbie, Warner Bros. film out July 21, 2023. /

As movie fans purchase their tickets to the ultimate double feature, the multi-hour event will have people looking for a little extra sustenance. While there is always popcorn to be enjoyed, a spirited sipper can make the day pass event more quickly. Luckily, these Barbenheimer cocktails are ready to be shaken.

To say that the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer are very different films does not require a doctorate degree to deduce that difference. Still, both genres deserve their moment to shine. In a way, shaking up Barbenheimer cocktails could be the perfect way to celebrate both offerings.

When thinking about these themed cocktails, the options fall into two categories. The Barbie focused offerings tend to be vibrant in both color and flavor. With the Oppenheimer cocktails, they are more robust, even a little dramatic.

For tequila drinkers:

Lobos 1707 might celebrate its wolf pack sentimentality, but the smooth tequila deserves a moment to shine. While the anejo expression can be enjoyed neat, the Joven variety is wonderful in a cocktail.

Contrasting the Barbie vs Oppenheimer moment, consider contrasting the Lobos Crush versus a Café con Leche. The Lobos Crush might not have that bright pink color, but the bright combination of mint and cucumber captures Barbie’s perk personality. With the Café con Leche, it is the simplicity of coffee boosted with tequila that can make the most difficult math equation solvable.

For bourbon drinkers:

Eric LeGrand Kentucky Bourbon is built on a passion for the craft of distilling bourbon. Founded by Rutgers University football star Eric LeGrand, the bourbon is meant to celebrate daily triumphs, both large and small.

In this comparison, the Smoked Old Fashioned feels like the traditional, brooding cocktail that goes with the historical movie. The True 52 Legrand is a little lighter but never loses its character. Like Barbie, there is a spark as long as you stay true to yourself.

For vodka drinkers:

American Harvest Vodka is rooted in the farm to table concept. By letting its ingredients dictate the flavor, the organic vodka is a smooth and unapologetically unique.

For this cocktail comparison, the Flamingo Martini captures that bold Barbie-inspired color. Although no one has to stand in a particular manner to enjoy this offering, it does deserve a rousing toast. On the other hand, the Bloody Mary is a classic that will never go out of style. Plus, a better vodka always makes that cocktail taste better.

For Mezcal drinkers

Many people have come to appreciate the artisan qualities of a great mezcal. Even though the smoky qualities and even a touch of minerality can variety, mezcal deserves to be part of the cocktail conversation.

Mezcal Campante is shaking up two options. The Pink Paloma is a nod to the pink filled Barbie world. The sweet, tart grapefruit flavor with a touch of bubbles is refreshing. On the other hand, the Dead Red Old Fashion is slightly brooding, mysterious. It draws in the drinker and entices another sip.

Ready for some Barbenheimer cocktails? What will you be sipping during this double feature event?