Food brands hit all the right notes with Swifties during the Eras Tour

Eras Tour cupcakes from SusieCakes, photo provided by SusieCakes
Eras Tour cupcakes from SusieCakes, photo provided by SusieCakes /

After all the tears trying to score tickets to the Eras Tour, many Swifties are still hoping for a way to see Taylor Swift in person. Luckily, a few food brands are giving people hope that a ticket could be part of their Eras Tour future.

While some people have deep pockets to score those coveted Eras Tour tickets, others have to be a little bit lucky. Fortunately, two food brands are giving hope to all those Swifties.

For example, Daily Harvest will be giving away 20 VIP suite to the last top on the tour at SoFi Stadium. The giveaway is to promote Daily Harvest now being available in Kroger and Harris Teeter stores.

Check out this Daily Harvest Instagram video with all the details.

SusieCakes is getting everyone into the mood for the final shows of the Eras Tour. The brand’s founder, Susan Sarich is a huge Taylor Swift fan and wants everyone to have an opportunity to celebrate this special event.

Susan Sarich said, “We know All Too Well the process for getting tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has left fans with more Bad Blood than Happiness. As a devoted Swiftie since her debut album, my Wildest Dreams came true when I secured a last-minute ticket in Dallas. It was the most incredible concert I’ve ever attended, and the experience left me with a desire to share it with a fellow SusieCakes fan.”

SusieCakes is giving away two tickets to the final stop at SoFi Stadium. Complete details can be found online.

While only one person will get that coveted entrance, everyone can enjoy some sweet Swiftie fun. SusieCakes is offering a limited-edition Eras Tour Cupcake Collection. Available at select California and Texas bakeries, the dozen cupcakes are perfect for the ultimate Taylor Swift fan. The dozen cupcakes include 4 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, 4 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and 4 red velvet cupcakes. The dozen costs $99 and must be pre-ordered. Cupcakes might not stop the tears, but they can make a day a little sweeter.