Popeyes OREO Cheesecake joins the menu and a favorite deal returns

Popeyes OREO Cheesecake joins the menu, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes OREO Cheesecake joins the menu, photo provided by Popeyes /

Even though some people might eat those infamous biscuits for dessert, a new sweet ending is joining the menu. The new Popeyes OREO Cheesecake is here. Ready to pair it with another favorite food menu deal that is back?

In a recent announcement, the Popeyes OREO Cheesecake dessert is coming to restaurants for a limited time. On top of an OREO cookie pieces crust, the creamy, sweet cheesecake filling is filled with OREO cookie pieces. Then, it is topped with even more OREO cookie pieces. It is basically OREO overload.

The special limited edition dessert joins the permanent dessert items, Apple Pie and Strawberry Biscuit. It is interesting that the OREO cheesecake dessert comes at the height of summer. When other brands are focusing on bright citrus flavors and lighter offerings, Popeyes offers a rich, classic treat. In a way, it proves that people can turn towards favorite flavors, not just seasonal choices.

Previously, Popeyes has offered both chocolate and OREO desserts. From chocolate beignets to the fried Double Stuf OREO, those desserts were hits for the quick service restaurant. In some ways, the food brand uses dessert to spark a special visit beyond satisfying that craving for that iconic fried chicken.

Popeyes OREO Cheesecake joins the menu
Popeyes OREO Cheesecake joins the menu, photo provided by Popeyes /

Big Box returns to pair with the Popeyes OREO Cheesecake

While the new Popeyes OREO Cheesecake could have people eating dessert first, the Big Box is back on the Popeyes menu. A fan favorite, the meal includes two pieces of its infamous fried chicken, choice of two sides and a buttermilk biscuit. In addition, guests can get a free regular drink when ordering via the restaurant app or online.

Lastly, Popeyes Foundation is using its new fan favorite, the Strawberry Biscuit, as a way to raise funds and awareness for its charity. Now through August 27, Food Love Grants Fundraiser will give any guest who donates $1 to the Popeyes Foundation a coupon for a free Strawberry Biscuit. The coupon can be redeemed at a subsequent visit.

While many people appreciate that food can be a connector, it also can do good for others. Although people should not necessarily need an enticement to help a charity, that little extra can help.

From the Popeyes OREO Cheesecake to the return of the Big Box, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a meal and shout to the rooftops why people love that food from Popeyes.

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