Popeyes Chocolate Beignets are here for everyone to enjoy

Popeyes Chocolate Beignets, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Chocolate Beignets, photo provided by Popeyes /

The Popeyes Chocolate Beignets are another reason to love Popeyes.

While you might love that fried chicken, Popeyes Chocolate Beignets might be another reason to make an extra visit to a Popeyes restaurant. Even if you eat dessert first and last, this new Popeyes menu item might be more popular than that game changing chicken sandwich

For many people, the beignet is a New Orleans classic pastry that goes perfectly with a café au lait. While Café Du Monde is a must visit in the Big Easy, the pastry smothered in powder sugar is a treat that isn’t limited to just one location. That light, fluffy, hot pastry is delicious as a dessert, breakfast or any time treat.

The Popeyes Chocolate Beignets are a little non-tradition. These beignets are stuffed with melted Hershey’s chocolate. Still, smothered in powdered sugar, one bite could be sweet heaven.

The addition of a chocolate center makes this beignet different. The warm chocolate center is a like a little extra present hidden in this treat.

If you have never had a beignet before, there is an art to eating them. With all the powdered sugar, there can be a tell-tale sign that you enjoyed a bite or two. Unless you have a bib (or are a beignet eating expert), it can be difficult to avoid the powdered sugar spill.

Luckily, there is a Popeyes Chocolate Beignets eating solution.

The Popeyes Beignet Camo hoodie is the perfect way to disguise that beignet eating. With a little creative hoodie wearing, you can sneak that beignet order from the rest of the family. Sure, you might want to buy some for them, but you can enjoy one in the car on the way home.

The Popeyes Beignet Camo can be purchased at www.ThatLookFromPopeyes.com. It is $35 and is available for a limited time.

The Popeyes Chocolate Beignets are available for a limited time. They are sold in a 3 piece, 6 piece and 12 piece.

If you love that chicken from Popeyes, don’t forget to order some Chocolate Beignets. And, try not to spill that powdered sugar on your shirt.

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Are you excited about this new Popeyes menu item? Do you want it to be a permanent addition to the Popeyes menu?