Wendy’s Frosty Cream Cold Brew is another example of fast food done right

Wendy's adds Frosty Cream Cold Brew, available in three flavors, photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy's adds Frosty Cream Cold Brew, available in three flavors, photo provided by Wendy's /

When Wendy’s unveils a new menu item, the food or beverage addition is not a whim, nor it is a race to be first. From sourcing ingredients to perfecting the flavor, that mission of fast food done right is woven into everything the quick service restaurant does. With the addition of the Wendy’s Frosty Cream Cold Brew, the new beverage solidifies coffee place as an all-day beverage.

For many, coffee is their way to start the day. Although some people add heaping amounts of sugar or flavor to that mug, quality beans and brew do not need to be overpowered with extras. While some people appreciate the extra flavor, those additions should not be required to cover up that bitter taste.

With the new Wendy’s Frosty Cream Cold Brew, cold brew coffee is combined with a Frosty creamer. Available in three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel, it is a slightly sweet sip, but it is quite enjoyable. Plus, the special beverage is available morning, noon, and night.

As John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation for The Wendy’s Company, who previously pronounced his appreciation for the Frosty-ccino, shared that this coffee beverage is steeped for 12 hours. The resulting flavor is a smooth, never bitter, coffee flavor. While it launches during the summer, it is an all-season option that could have people swapping that soda or a sweeter option.

Wendy's Frosty Cream Cold Brew
Wendy’s adds Frosty Cream Cold Brew, available in three flavors, photo provided by Wendy’s /

Looking at the three flavor options, the beverages tend to be popular creamer options. Instead of focusing on a fad or a trend, the choices seem to have broad based appeal. There is a non-flavored, no creamer cold brew option. For people who are looking for a less calorically high, sweet coffee, they might switch to this Wendy’s choice versus other blended beverages.

While many people will grab the opportunity to try this new Wendy’s beverage, it is interesting to note one of the flavors, a new caramel. Although Wendy’s has offered specialty Frosty flavors in Strawberry and Peppermint, it has not launched a caramel or coffee flavor. With the addition of this new beverage, could it be time to expand the Frosty to yet another flavor? Only time will tell if maybe a caramel or coffee Frosty could join the menu.

For anyone who wants to get that first sip, Wendy’s is offering 99 cent Frosty Cream Cold Brew, or any hot or cold brew. The in-app offer is available on a small size beverage and can be redeemed daily through August 9, 2023.

In addition, Uber Eats users can receive a free Medium Frosty Cream Cold Brew with a $15 or more purchase. This offer is available July 27 through August 2.

Ready to take a sip on the cold side? The Wendy’s Frosty Cream Cold Brew is here, and it might be another reason why this quick service restaurant proudly wears the crown of fast food done right.

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