Jell-O rebrands its iconic logo to embrace its more playful side

Jell-O rebrands its logo, photo provided by Kraft Heinz
Jell-O rebrands its logo, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

Whether it is the jiggle, the flavor, or just being an iconic dessert, there is always room for J-E-L-L-O. Although the brand has been delighting people since 1845, the food company appreciates that a new look can revitalize the conversation around food. As Jell-O rebrands, the revised logo focuses on the fun opportunities that the favorite food offers.

Certain food brands can be spotted from across the room. From a particular font to a bold color, the image conjures a flavor or memory. Although brands need to stay modern, the connection to that iconic image needs to remain.

With the Jell-O rebranding, the iconic “O” is front and center. Although not a segment from a particular children’s television show, the “O” represents the fun in that classic dessert. From the jiggly gelatin to the creamy pudding, mixing that dessert in the bowl comes with endless possibilities.

According to Kristina Hannant, Associate Director of Desserts at Kraft Heinz, “As ‘America’s Most Famous Dessert’, we aim to transcend generations and want to continue bringing our customers on a never-ending flavor journey. After 10 years, it was time to take a look at our packaging and bring Jell-O into the future in a bold, playful, wonder-filled way.”

Jell-O rebrands its logo across its offerings
Jell-O rebrands its logo across its offerings, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

The new imagery comes as gelatin desserts are having a moment. Some celebrated chefs have showcased how those molds can be picture perfect and delicious. The recent Top Chef season even had a challenge on it.

Looking at the new imagery, the idea plays into creativity in the kitchen. Young, old, and in between can appreciate the fun that happens when cooks think outside of the box. While stirring that gelatin might be an easy first recipe, it is just a start.

Even if some people might want to forget grandma’s fruit filled mold, there are other options on the table. From a layered trifle to a deconstructed dessert, Jell-O makes it permissible to play with your food. There is always a moment that deserves a moment to jiggle, wiggle, and enjoy another serving of Jell-O.

The new brand logo is rolling out onto shelves now. Pudding, gelatin, cups and boxes will feature the new imagery.

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