Celebrating Christmas in July with Omaha Steaks is all about making memories

Omaha Steaks Chateaubriand, photo provided by Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks Chateaubriand, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

Whether it is halfway to the holidays or Christmas in July, the date on the calendar is a reminder that time can be precious. Even though people comment where has the time gone or how time flies, it is more than those fleeting moments that make an impression. Enjoying an Omaha Steaks dinner with family and friends can turn any occasion into a memorable event.

Recently, Omaha Steaks celebrated Christmas in July. Although no one donned sweaters in the sweltering heat, the reality is that the concept was a reminder to bring people to gather around a meal. From sending a care package across the miles to making Sunday dinner into an epic event, the reminder to set time aside to be with people is imperative.

Many people send Omaha Steaks as a gift during the holiday season. Instead of restaurant gift certificate that might go unused, the box full of steaks, pork chops, chicken, burgers and more stocks the freezer with options for many dinners. Whether a feast with potatoes au gratin and a caramel apple tartlet or a simple dinner with veggies and a filet mignon, the reality is that America’s Original Butcher always delivers quality products.

Although the idea of Christmas in July celebrates a touch of the holiday spirit mid-year, it is more than playing some carols and longing for a snowy covered landscape. The holidays are filled with a time to reconnect with others. Often food brings people together for the spirited occasion.

Sending a family member or a friend an Omaha Steaks gift basket in the middle of the year can be the tasty excuse to put a dinner on the calendar. And, the robust offering ensures that there are some extra meals to be enjoyed afterwards.

Personally, this concept is a reminder that every day and any day is a reason to make memories. From the kid who is going off to the first year of college to the family member who might not have too many holidays seasons to celebrate, opportunities must be enjoyed. Pushing it off because there is work, another swim meet, or something pending on the to-do list is no longer a priority.

Even though those Omaha Steak offerings in the freezer can be enjoyed whenever anyone pleases, it can turn any day into a memorable food feast. Just like using the good china and crystal on a Thursday, people can have a filet mignon on a Tuesday or a chateaubriand on a Wednesday. Granted, it might take a little planning after that work day, but it can be done. The laughter in the kitchen and the jokes around the table can flavor the meal even more.

Next time, do not want till the last minute holiday rush to place that Omaha Steaks order. Whether it is Christmas in July, festivities in February, or outrageous occasions in October, there is always a reason to gather around the table.

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