Lizzy Mathis sets the table with a total vibe on Dinner Party People, interview

Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis, photo provided by Tastemade
Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis, photo provided by Tastemade /

While food television offers a bounty of deliciousness on the screen, some programs engage viewers off the screen. From encouraging them to get into the kitchen to bringing friends to the table, the lingering impression after the credits is what makes viewers come back for more. On Tastemade, the food television programs seek to spark that conversation far beyond the finite show’s timeframe. Lizzy Mathis, who hosts Dinner Party People, steps into people’s homes and inspires others to gather around the table.

The idea of the dinner party can take on many forms. From a simple gathering of Sunday dinner to an elaborated themed event, the options are many. At the heart of any dinner party is bringing together people around the table. While food might curb a hunger, it is the conversation that satisfies the soul.

Tastemade is known for taking a different approach to food television. Instead of another culinary competition, the various shows look to tell a story, educate a viewer and overall inspire a person to incorporate an idea into their own home.

On Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis, the show explores various dinner parties. Although each story is unique, the common thread is clear. Cooking, culture, and conversation might have different flavors, but everyone can appreciate the tasty combination that occurs around the table.

Lizzy Mathis shares some insight on Tastemade’s Dinner Party People.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Lizzy Mathis, the host of Tastemade’s Dinner Party People, gave her thoughts on the show, how to create a successful dinner party and a great kitchen hack.

As seen in the Tastemade show, some dinner parties have a particular theme or concept. For Mathis, she believes that concept is important. She said, “Yes, I think it is super important to have a theme. I think it makes choosing the menu, decor & even the playlist so much more simple. It gives a vibe of cohesiveness!”

With that theme in hand, one element is off the to-do list, but a theme alone does not instantly create a memorable dinner party. The mix of people around the table has an impact.

Mathis said, “I think the guest mix is important, but it’s also fun when it’s unexpected. I like to lean into people with great energy, but also like to mix up different types of people to keep conversations interesting and allow for people to make new connections.”

Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis
Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis, photo provided by Tastemade /

Even if there is an eclectic mix of people, Mathis suggests that the host be thoughtful of the guests and their food preferences. She said, “I guess a ‘dinner party don’t’ would be when you’re thinking of your menu – make sure to include various palettes & food preferences. Try to have food alternatives for vegans or vegetarians. The goal is always to have your guests leave the dinner party feeling satisfied.”

But, it does not mean that the party host has to do everything. Sometimes the concept lends itself to guests contributing to the event. Mathis suggests that it depends on the theme.

For example, she said, “I love a good potluck where everyone can bring their own dish. I also love a more elevated theme, where people can try something new, or even a new recipe I’ve been working on.”

At the same time, she does have a go-to dinner party recipe that is a no fail. Mathis recommends “No matter what the theme is, I feel like a charcuterie board is always a must! You simply can’t go wrong with it.”

Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis
Dinner Party People with Lizzy Mathis, photo provided by Tastemade /

While that might be her ace in the hole, being part of other people’s dinner parties has given her a few tips and tricks. Mathis shared that “One helpful tip in the kitchen that I picked up to help me move quicker, is the corn on the cob bundt pan trick! Essentially, you use the bundt pan as a holder to cut the corn completely off the cob. “

With that secret out of the bag, it might be the concept that more people could use. It is another example how bringing people together in the kitchen and around the table can be an experience that lingers far after the last bite is enjoyed.

And, as a busy mom and founder of The Cool Mom Co appreciates, sometimes people need to embrace who they are without contemplating the comparisons. When asked about moms embracing their voice and power, Mathis believes, “It is everything. Mothers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and should be celebrated everyday. Every mother’s journey is different and unique, their voice, their power, and their strength is embodied by every move they make on a daily basis. It’s one of the reasons why I started my upcoming podcast, ‘The Cool Mom Code Podcast’; I wanted to share the unique stories of women & to inspire mothers to walk their own light.”

Pull up a chair and enjoy Dinner Party People on Tastemade. Episodes, recipes and more can be found on the Tastemade website.