7-Eleven goes all gourd in with early launch of Pumpkin spice foods

7-Eleven Pumpkin spice foods join menu as of August 1, photo provided by 7-Eleven
7-Eleven Pumpkin spice foods join menu as of August 1, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

It seems that pumpkin spice foods are back even earlier than ever thanks to 7-Eleven. America’s convenience store just announced that it has brought back Pumpkin spice coffee and other pumpkin flavored items as of August 1. There might be a heat wave but the food news is gourd-tastic.

Over the years, pumpkin spice is less of a fall flavor and more like an event. Those warm, inviting spices offer a sense of comfort. Regardless of the temperature, each sip is like a nurturing hug. After all, some people would drink pumpkin spice all year long if they could.

According to Dennis Phelps, 7-Eleven’s Senior Vice President, Merchandising (Vault & Proprietary Beverages), “We know our customers wait all year long for their favorite fall flavors…so we decided to break out the pumpkin a little bit early this year. It may not quite feel like fall outside yet, but it sure can taste like fall as we enjoy the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.”

What Pumpkin spice foods have returned to 7-Eleven’s menu?

As people prepare to start their day with a caffeine fix, 7-Eleven’s menu will feature three pumpkin forward options, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Coffee, and Pumpkin Syrup. Whether people prefer the latte that has the flavors already balanced or prefer to create their own coffee masterpiece, there is an option for everyone.

Plus, with the Pumpkin Coffee and Pumpkin Syrup, guests can enjoy an iced coffee. While 7-Eleven has shared their Pumpkin’ Somthin’ recipe hack, people like to get creative with the customizations. Who’s to say that there isn’t another food trend waiting to be shared on social media.

To continue the pumpkin spice foods story, more seasonal foods, like the pumpkin spice muffin, will be joining the menu. For now, apple items, like the Apple Cider Donut, are available. No one has to wait to go to the pumpkin patch to enjoy this sweet treat.

Although many people will be going all gourd-in with pumpkin, it is interesting that the iconic Slurpee has never embraced these seasonal flavors. Could there be a brain-freeze option waiting to be sipped? Maybe someone could food hack that concept.

For now, 7-Eleven has brought back those pumpkin spice flavors for 2023. Ready for sweater weather yet?

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