WWE food partnerships build fan engagement beyond the ring

WWE-inspired flavors of C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout Powder and C4 Ultimate Energy Drink, photo provided by C4 Energy Drink
WWE-inspired flavors of C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout Powder and C4 Ultimate Energy Drink, photo provided by C4 Energy Drink /

Whether it is the recent Summer Slam or weekly bouts in the ring, WWE food partnerships celebrate the fans and their connection to that wrestling world. While people might beg to differ if they cheer for the face or the heel, the reality is that people cannot get enough of that sports entertainment world. To say they are hungry for more might be an understatement.

From the cereal bowl to the snack aisle, the WWE has put its brand stamp on many items. Earlier this year, Cinnamon Toast Crunch celebrated Wrestlemania. Those mischievous luchadores might use that mask to their advantage, but there is no hiding this sweet fun.

Thinking of the fan, it was a great way to engage the conversation all day long. From the first bite of the day to cheering on the matches later in the evening, everyone was thinking about the WWE. Even the sometimes fan took an interest in the idea.

Moving beyond the cereal bowl, Slim Jim and the WWE have had a longstanding partnership. Everyone remembers those iconic commercials with the “snap into a Slim Jim” tagline. At SummerSlam, the food brand announced a larger continuation the connection to the sports entertainment empire.

According to Spencer Fivelson, VP & General Manager of Snacks at Conagra Brands, “Slim Jim has always been about crushing boredom and doing the unexpected, which is also the cornerstone of WWE and their memorable lineup of bold, in-your-face Superstars. We’re thrilled to be back in the ring with WWE to build on our shared history and celebrate the savage energy of today’s WWE Superstars.”

While many people dream of being that superstar in the ring, others appreciate that the hard work and dedication starts by being motivated. Recently, C4 Energy launched C4 Ultimate Energy x WWE collection. The five special edition flavors and their corresponding labels are inspired by WWE Championship titles.

WWE food partnerships
WWE-inspired flavors of C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout Powder and C4 Ultimate Energy Drink, photo provided by C4 Energy Drink /

Speaking to this collaboration, Craig Stimmel, WWE SVP, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, said “We believe the overlap between our audiences is strong and this multifaceted approach to our expanding partnership will unlock even more value for the WWE Universe.”

That sentiment seems to be a driving force for the WWE food partnerships. As Robert Zajac, Chief Marketing Officer at Nutrabolt, said, “This collaboration represents a natural expansion of our exciting partnership with WWE, one that we’re confident will take fans’ ‘work hard, play hard, train hard’ lifestyles to the next level. Just take it from Montez Ford, who said, ‘C4 and WWE go together like peanut butter and jelly’.”

Although the specialty flavors might not be peanut butter and jelly flavored, they are a combination of familiar and innovative. The flavors are Pomegranate PileDriver, Bare Knuckle Blood Orange, and Nectarine Guava Knockout. Whether it is the ultimate WWE fan who is inspired by their favorite wrestler or the person who wants to give their training regime an extra boost, these options will become part of their routine.

While SummerSlam might be over, the next event is on the calendar. More importantly, these WWE food partnerships will keep the WWE connection going. When people are continually reminded how their pastime is connect to their everyday lives, they will crave more opportunities to foster it.

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