JET-PUFFED turns toasty into comfy with the Kizik S’mores Shoe

S’mores Shoe from JET-PUFFED and Kizik, photo provided by JET-PUFFED
S’mores Shoe from JET-PUFFED and Kizik, photo provided by JET-PUFFED /

While the campfire treat might be a summertime favorite dessert, JET-PUFFED puts to bring that toasty, feel good moment to any and every day. With the new Kizik S’mores Shoe, the food fashion accessory is the first of its kind. Ready to light up a new footwear trend?

S’mores Day is August 10. While people can debate the desired toasting level or the perfect combination of ingredients, the reality is that s’mores appeal to almost everyone. It is the dessert that compels people to play with their food. Although there is always care with lighting that marshmallow, the reality is that s’mores put the fun in food.

JET-PUFFED continues to innovate the marshmallow space. From glow-in-the-dark options to color changing treats, those fluffy, sweet bites are far from bland and boring. Whether it is enjoyed in front of the campfire, modified to be made in the kitchen, or just eaten any time of day, the reality is there is always a reason to have bag in the pantry.

Speaking to the brand’s connection to food fans, Christina Brown, Associate Brand Manager at JET-PUFFED said, “At JET-PUFFED, we take s’mores season very seriously as we aim to bring light and fluffy enjoyment to family and friends around the campfire. With nearly 40 million bags of our marshmallows sold over the summer season, the S’mores Shoe is a sweet treat for your feet—reminding you that JET-PUFFED marshmallows are the perfect ingredient for your summer s’mores.”

S’mores Shoe from JET-PUFFED and Kizik
S’mores Shoe from JET-PUFFED and Kizik, photo provided by JET-PUFFED /

Ahead of this year’s S’mores Day, JET-PUFFED has partnered with Kizik to release the S’mores Shoe. Kizik is known for its hands-free footwear. While that footwear technology might be scientifically superior, this food fashion offering makes a statement. As lake Brown, Kizik VP of Brand and Creative said, “Working with JET-PUFFED has been a tremendous partnership. We share a commitment to enhancing everyday experiences and making life’s little moments more enjoyable. We can’t wait to see the new S’mores Shoe around the campfire this summer.”

At first glance, the shoe is reminiscent of a toasted marshmallow. The slightly caramel color and quilted texture looks comfy and inviting. From a pillowy texture to cloud-like comfort, this shoe can go from dinner to campfire and everything in between.

The JET-PUFFED and Kizik S’mores Shoe is available exclusively online at It retails for $119. Check out the website for sizing and availability.

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