JET-PUFFED is ready to glow up summer night fun

Jet-Puffed Glow-in-the-Dark Camp S’mores, photo provide by Jet-Puffed
Jet-Puffed Glow-in-the-Dark Camp S’mores, photo provide by Jet-Puffed /

From the crackle of the fire to the glow of the flame, the summer night fun is all about the campfire. But, no one wants to have a flashlight to find the food stash to make those favorite s’mores. JET-PUFFED has the perfect solution. Ready to get glowing?

Just in time for all the outdoor summer fun, the new JET-PUFFED glow-in-the-dark packaging adds another spark to the classic summer-time food. While the marshmallows do not glow in the dark, the added effect to the bag makes it fun.

The idea is that the colorful bag will help people find it in the dim light. The downside is that you can’t sneak the whole bag without anyone noticing.

According to Samantha Mills, Associate Director of Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz, “As we gear up for the first day of summer and prime marshmallow roasting season, we wanted to give fans a way to enjoy their s’mores no matter if it’s day or night. The new glow-in-the-dark packaging makes it easy to find your bag of marshmallows when the sun sets around the glowing campfire, giving your tastebuds a delicious treat with every bite.”

While the new packaging adds some fun to the campfire experience, there are a few other ways to add a little extra to that warm glow. Did you know that you can change the color of the campfire flame?

For example, traditional table salt can make for an orange flame. Some cooks might appreciate that a sprinkle of cinnamon can cause some sparks in a flame, too. To be clear, fire is dangerous. Anything added to the flame needs to be done cautiously. No one wants to cause a fire issue.

More importantly, why not upgrade those s’mores with some tasty flavors. From swapping the graham cracker for a cookie or even changing the chocolate, those simple changes can make the classic s’mores even tastier. Basically, there are so many ways to enjoy a s’mores, it might be worth buying an extra package of marshmallows.

This summer don’t let the JET-PUFFED bag be too far from reach. With the new glow-in-the-dark packaging, it is time to do a little S’mores Gazing.