Disney100 Celebration flavors family favorite foods

Disney100 Celebration with Campbell's Soup, photo provided Campbell's
Disney100 Celebration with Campbell's Soup, photo provided Campbell's /

While the sprinkling of pixie dust seems to be even greater inside Disney Parks, the Disney100 Celebration is flavoring the experience beyond the shadows of the castle. Campbell’s and Goldfish have released new food offerings that will bring smiles to young and old. Ready to celebrate the momentous occasion?

Although Mickey and Friends have been captured in various artistic ways, the iconic Campbell’s Soup is equally as visually recognizable. The iconic pop art moment is a classic.

For the Disney100 Celebration, Campbell’s two most popular soup flavors are getting a Disney-fied. The Tomato Soup features a variety of Disney characters. The Chicken Noodle soup has Disney Princess pasta shapes. Although princesses should not necessarily slurp, the specialty shapes seem to bring a little regal note to the meal. Just make sure to use the proper utensils when eating.

With the Goldfish offerings, the snack that smiles back has been transformed with Disney shapes. The special shapes include: Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Woody from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story combined with classic Goldfish shapes. While the classic flavor is still front and center, it is the collection of characters that add excitement to snack time.

The Campbell’s and Goldfish offerings are another food item joining the Disney100 celebration. Previously, there has been special cereal that joined the conversation. Bringing those favorite characters from the screen and the theme park into the daily lives solidifies the connection. It might be seen silly or superficial, but there is a fun notion attached to that food experience.

In addition, the food offerings come at the start of the school year. From the bag of Goldfish that help make the school day a little more lighthearted to the simple soup dinner at the end of the day, it is another way to bring a little levity to the table. Sometimes it is the simple gesture that makes everything else taste a little better.

The new Campbell’s and Goldfish Disney100 offerings are available at various retailers. Check with stores for pricing and availability.

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