Keep on rolling this summer with Snapple Roadsip

Ready to go on a Snapple Roadsip? photo provided by Snapple
Ready to go on a Snapple Roadsip? photo provided by Snapple /

As the final days of summer vacation slowly slip away, it is time for one more road trip. Whether the destination is near or far, a few food and beverage essentials are necessary to keep the journey morning smoothly. Ready for a Snapple Roadsip?

Grabbing a particular beverage for a road trip is more than just a blind grab people. Although some people might have a favorite beverage, sometimes it is about pairing that beverage with the journey. While not an apple flavored beverage when traveling to the Big Apple or a citrus infused option when heading to the sunshine state.

Snapple has 33 Ridiculously Flavorful beverages. From classic teas to fruit forward options to even the newer Elements beverages, there is something for everyone.

Snapple Roadsip
Ready to go on a Snapple Roadsip? photo provided by Snapple /

Ready to go in a Snapple Roadsip?

To help send summer off in a refreshing way, Snapple Roadsip is giving fans in select areas a taste of their many flavors. The special event will kick off in New York City on Tuesday, August 15. From 9 a.m. till 5 p.m., Oculus Plaza will be fill of sipping delights.

As guests visit the Roadsip’s official Airstream, which is decked out to look like Snapple’s Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink, the event will put all that Snapple knowledge to the test. Whether people know some of those fun sayings under the cap or can recall that Wendy is the iconic Snapple lady, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase that love of Snapple.

After stopping in New York City, the Snapple Roadsip travels to Chicago on August 19, with a stop at Chicago Congress Plaza in Grant Parka and ends the journey in California on August 27 at Santa Monica Pier. Everyone can follow the adventures with #SnappleRoadsip on socials.

Even if the event does not stop in your neck of the woods, anyone can have their own flavorful road trip with some Snapple before the summer ends. Whether it is that classic iced tea or the Snapple Elements Earth with that cherry and fig flavor, there is one of the 33 beverages that will quench that thirst.

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