Gopuff FAM subscription saves big money on everyday purchases

Gopuff shopping assortment, photo provided by Gopuff
Gopuff shopping assortment, photo provided by Gopuff /

From family dinners to cleaning supplies, the weekly shopping list can be long. While some people might enjoy slowly strolling those big box stores, the impulse purchases could put a squeeze on the budget. Add to that scenario rising food costs and more, shoppers are looking for ways to uncover more savings. With Gopuff FAM subscription, over 100+ everyday items just got more affordable.

Years ago people looked to the coupon queens for baskets of savings. Clipping those cents off combined with store BOGO offers made for big savings. Today’s shoppers reach for the scissors less and turn to the devices more.

According the company, 84% of Gopuff customers want and search for deals and discounts. It starts with scrutinizing prices on groceries and other essentials. Even though private label brands might be surging in popularity, it is more than just skipping the big name. It is finding the value in every purchase.

With the Gopuff FAM subscription, the company is offering users bigger savings on a wide variety of purchases. After a beta test, the company found that “customers saved an average of $20 per month.” For those people who are trying to maximize every purchase, that $20 is a big benefit.

The Lower Than Low Prices help make consumers feel value with their dollars spent. The program was revitalized to focus on value and price based on what shoppers want. From a dozen eggs to household necessities, the membership program shows its worth day in and out.

While the monthly membership fee is $7.99 (or $79.99 annual fee), the plan should pay for itself when used effectively. Options like $2 eggs or 30% top 100 products, the discounts and ease of use has shoppers clicking and buying over and over.

In addition, the new weekly deals offer users a chance to try on emerging brands and other high-value items. It might not exactly be an impulse purchase, but the savings makes some people more willing to add it to the cart.

If Gopuff shopping is part of the routine, it pays to be part of the “FAM.” Isn’t it time to save on the things that every household needs?

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