Give that steak rub a sweet, savory, spicy flavor upgrade

Steak rub using Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Steak rub using Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

For some home cooks, seasoning a steak is just some kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. While that classic combination always has a place, a sprinkling of bolder flavors can transform the bite in a meaningful way. It is time to upgrade that steak rub with Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark.

Although some people might think about chocolate following that steak dinner, a chocolate steak rub can be a bold flavor combination that will have many people taking notice. Sometimes combined with coffee, the idea is to hit more notes than just a simple salt and pepper. Although cooks might grab a bottle off the shelf, creating a unique offering can make Sunday dinner feel like a chef-inspired dinner.

When thinking about a recipe for a chocolate rub, generally, the ingredients combine cocoa powder, spices, and other seasonings. Although sweet might not necessarily be the first choice, it is the sugar that helps to create a lovely crust on the steak when sealed. It might not be a common option, but it is an idea worth exploring.

Chocolate is used in many savory dishes. A great example is a mole. As the dish sits, the flavors build. The chocolate and spices add a richness that cannot be replicated in jar.

steak rub using Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark
Steak rub using Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While these ideas have been bantered about, grating that Delysia Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark might not instantly be part of the conversation. While people have come to appreciate that peppers and chocolate are a lovely flavor pairing, the boldness of the ghost pepper can give some people pause. With this option, the flavor feels balanced yet does not hide the heat.

The bitterness of the dark chocolate with the pepper creates a flavor journey. The salty note helps to highlight the inner sweetness. As the heat builds, it gives way to a lingering tingle. Never overpowering the impeccable chocolate, it is the eating experience that leads people back to another bite.

Using this ingredient in a steak rub makes sense because it stands up to a steak. Although it can be used on a filet mignon, it is better served with beef with more marbling. The salt and spice can cut through the other unctuous flavors. In addition, be judicious with other salt and pepper since the chocolate bark contains those two ingredients.

This idea is a way to think outside of the box when using other ingredients in the pantry. While people might think about a piece of chocolate after a great meal, it has other uses, including savory ones. Culinary creativity is waiting to be explored.

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