Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches bring a fresh twist on the morning staple

Wendy's English Muffin Sandwiches added to the menu, photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy's English Muffin Sandwiches added to the menu, photo provided by Wendy's /

As the toaster oven’s temperature rises, the English Muffin transforms into a crispy, flavorful bite. While there might be nooks and crannies to absorb butter, jam or other toppings, that bread is often the vehicle to hold eggs, bacon, and more. With the new Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches, the brand dedicated to fast food done right has put found a savory flavor combination that will have everyone craving another bite.

When Wendy’s launched its breakfast menu years ago, it was done with much consideration. Like any menu item from the quick service restaurant, the corporate culinary team looks at the flavor combination, ingredients, and reasoning why this food needs to be on the menu. From the flakiness of the croissant to the crispiness of the bacon, if the recipe is not the best, it does not leave the test kitchen.

Although many people love those biscuits or cannot turn down Breakfast Baconator, the new Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches standout on the menu. After a year and a half of testing, this new menu item deserves to be on the table.

Speaking to the new breakfast offering, John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation for The Wendy’s Company said, “Fans asked and we answered. As breakfast boundary breakers, we’re always looking to cook up new craveable breakfast offerings to add to our stacked breakfast lineup, and we have high standards for what ultimately makes it onto our menu. We tested 60 variations of our English Muffin Sandwiches before we landed on these light and fluffy English Muffins made with a touch of honey and topped with a savory buttery spread, fresh cracked eggs and delicious bacon or sausage for the perfect harmony of breakfast flavors!”

Wendy's English Muffin Sandwiches join the breakfast menu
Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches join the breakfast menu, photo provided by Wendy’s /

One component makes this breakfast sandwich different from the rest, the savory buttery spread. Combining brown butter and fresh black pepper, it is that hint of nutty, spice that balances the other flavors between the muffins. The buttery spread will infuse its flavor into the fluffy, crispy bread.

Whether the breakfast sandwich is paired with bacon or sausage, the buttery spread works with the fresh-cracked egg and melted American cheese. It is almost as if mom made the breakfast meal fresh from her kitchen. In this case, it can be found in the drive-thru.

In addition, the new Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches will pair perfectly with the Frosty Cream Cold Brew. Given the savory notes, the sweetness from the coffee is a lovely counter point.

To kick off Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches joining the menu, the quick service restaurant will be offering $2 off your English Muffin Combo. The offer will be available from August 22 through September 3 during breakfast hours.

Ready to count down to the August 22 debut of Wendy’s English Muffin Sandwiches? It is another example that the queen of quick serve is fast food done right.

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