Buffalo Wild Wings adds Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce ahead of football season

Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Hot BBQ at Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by B-Dubs
Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Hot BBQ at Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by B-Dubs /

As many people appreciate, chicken wings and football are a winning combination. America’s Sports Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings, is ready to kick off the fall football season with a flavor bang. In addition to bringing back the fan favorite Hot BBQ, the new Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce has guests raising a glass to another successful partnership.

While Buffalo Wild Wings has 26 sauces and seasonings on its menu, the fast casual restaurant is never afraid to stretch its culinary creativity with new flavors. Even if some people never stray from Asian Zing or cannot resist a classic Buffalo, other guests are ready, willing, and able to head to their local restaurant to get the first taste of something new.

Speaking to the Buffalo Wild Wings menu additions, Tristan Meline, Chief Marketing Officer at Buffalo Wild Wings, said, “We are always listening to our fans and the passion for Hot BBQ has been overwhelming. We know there will be a lot of excited people out there to see this one back on the menu this fall. We’re also thrilled to introduce Bulleit Bourbon BBQ, bringing a sweet, smoky tang to our stacked lineup of sauces and seasonings. So whether you’re all about the Hot BBQ return or eager to try something new, our limited-only only sauces have you covered this football season.”

The new, limited time offering, Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce brings a sweet, smoky, and tangy flavor to those infamous wings. From a plate of traditional wings to flavoring a wrap, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the new sauce.

Thinking about this offering, it would make a great pairing with Bulleit Bourbon cocktail. Although B-Dubs has wide array of iced cold beer waiting to be poured from that draft, a bourbon smash would make for a great contrast with the BBQ sauce flavors. Offering a bright, acidic punch to rich, smoky notes could have guests focusing all their attention on the table versus the big screens with all the sports action.

While the new Bulleit Bourbon BBQ Sauce will appeal to many, B-Dubs fans are cheering for the return of Hot BBQ. In September 2020, the sauce was taken off the menu. Since then, guests have petitioned, shared on social media, and otherwise lamented that Buffalo Wild Wings needed to bring back the spicy, sweet, smoky sauce. It is the perfect flavor balance for people who love traditional BBQ but want a punch more heat.

The two Buffalo Wild Wings sauces are available now for a limited time. Check with local restaurants for availability and menu pricing.

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