Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Peanuts bring down home flavor to snack time

Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Peanuts, photo provided by Fendt
Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Peanuts, photo provided by Fendt /

After a successful launch of their popcorn offering, Luke Bryan and AGCO’s Fendt are back with another food collaboration. The Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Peanuts bring a taste of Bryan’s farming connection to the snack aisle. While these nuts are easy to crack, the flavor will have people grabbing another handful.

In the food world, celebrity endorsements have become more common. From chip deals to even sponsoring a musician’s fingertips, the connection between the entertainers and the product can entice people to make a purchase. For some, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a snack while listening to a favorite song on repeat.

While that celebrity connection is beneficial, some scenarios are more deeply rooted than others. In the case of the Luke Bryan and Fendt partnership, it has grown organically. Even if some of Bryan’s fans might never sit inside of that tractor cab, they can appreciate that the entertainer has spent many hours plowing that field. It makes his endorsement of that snack food more relevant.

Previously, Fendt and Bryan released a line of snack popcorn. The two, limited edition flavors quickly sold out. While the Bryan stamp of approval was one aspect, the flavor was a bigger driver. The farm driven snack definitely stood out in the crowd.

The pair are back again with a new limited edition offering, Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldy Grown Peanuts. The three flavors are Homegrown Honey Roasted, Sizzlin’ Sriracha Ranch and Down South Dill.

Speaking to this offering, Bryan said, “Collaborating with Fendt to make peanuts for my fans means so much because I owe a lot of my work ethic and success to the lessons I learned helping out my dad at his peanut mill,” Bryan said. “Operating my Fendt 724 Vario really takes me back to those early years, though our tractors were nowhere near as powerful or capable as my Fendt!”

While everyone will have their favorite flavor, the Down South Dill should be opened first. Dill flavors continue to have their moment in the sun, but these peanuts are different. The combination of the briny flavor with a hint of salt makes for a quite enjoyment snack.

Plus, for anyone looking for a little extra crunch, consider adding a handful to a chicken salad. As many people appreciate, dill and chicken work well together. The combination of the peanuts, chicken, and greens make for a satisfying meal.

With football season around the corner, these peanuts would be perfect for game day. Whether people want an extra kick with the Sizzlin’ Sriracha Ranch or prefer a sweeter note with the Honey Roasted, there is an option for everyone.

Similar to the previous collaboration, this food offering is tied to a donation to the National FFA Organization. Once the Boldy Grown Peanuts sell out, Fendt will donate $50,000 to the organization. With the popcorn offering, $25,000 was donated.

The limited edition Fendy & Luke Bryan’s Boldy Grown Peanuts will go on sale on August 31, 2023. They can be purchased online for $5 a can, plus shipping and handling. Purchase restrictions will apply.

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