Universal Orlando’s Minion Café food menu might have slipped on the banana theme

Minion Cafe Food, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Minion Cafe Food, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

While many people thirst for that sweet sip of that Butterbeer, the infamous drink has become the standard of what an iconic theme park food can be. A fictional description taken from the Wizarding World was carefully created by the legendary Chef Steve under the watchful eye of J.K. Rowling. Thos special food offerings have stood the test of time. With the Universal Orlando’s Minion Café food menu, the banana theme has the popular theme park slipping into a divisive flavor.

As many people in the theme park world appreciate, food is just as big a draw as the thrill rides. Who hasn’t craved a hearty meal after screaming through the Velocicoaster? While some people might happily sit at Finnegans time and again for a Harp and big burger, those moments might not be the ones that make people share the moment for all to see. The new, innovative or even photogenetic option is the one that makes people excited for the first taste.

When the Minion Café food menu was released, the photos were exciting. It seems to capture the classic animated characters to a tee. From the bold colors to the fun names, people were ready to sit down to the table to enjoy all those foods.

During a recent visit to Universal Orlando, the food served might have conjured a chapter from the recent Taco Bell class action lawsuit. To be clear, every kitchen, restaurant, and chef can have a bad day. Not even a Michelin star restaurant is perfect at every service.

Minion Cafe food
Minion Cafe Food, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

After purchasing some of the Minion Café food, the vibrant colors and molded food options seemed to be lacking in flavor, in addition to their appearance not necessarily being like the menu photos. Whether the lack of flavor is to appeal to a younger palate, a choice based on the theme, or a bad day in the kitchen remains to be seen.

Granted, banana, including offerings, can be divisive. It is the nature of the fruit, which is why it can be combined with other flavors. Based on the items ordered during the visit, it seemed that the visual hoped to conjure a flavor versus being part of the actual desserts. Maybe people do not necessarily want to just have banana flavor as the only component, but it seemed that something was off.

FoodSided reached out to the Universal Orlando public relations team for clarification and requested comment and/or answer to menu and flavor questions. Unfortunately, the theme park did not respond to those email requests.

One can only hope that it was just an off day in the kitchen. The Wizarding World food has always been on point. Granted some of the desserts recently have been derivative. S’mores are still s’mores no matter the color. Then again, if guests want a s’mores dessert in every color of the rainbow and it sells, then maybe there is no need to fix what isn’t broken.

Whether or not the Minon Café food menu will evolve as the guests experience the area remains to be seen. If big, bold banana flavor is craved, it might be better to hit the fruit cart or hope that the special vending machines actually dispense that banana.

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