Universal Orlando unveils new visually creative Illumination’s Minion Cafe menu

Otto's Noodle Bowl at Minion Cafe, Universal Orlando Resort
Otto's Noodle Bowl at Minion Cafe, Universal Orlando Resort /

While those Minions might love their bananas, the new Illumination’s Minion Cafe menu at Universal Orlando is the visually creative culinary and flavor diverse offering that all ages will enjoy. Part of the new Minion Land, the immersive food experience will feature three themed areas. While the visuals are impressive, it is the flavorful fun on the plate that will have guests craving another serving.

Opening later this summer, Minion Land, located inside Universal Studios Orlando, is a multi-faceted theme park experience and will feature the highly anticipated Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion, character interactions, photo opportunities, and the new Illumination’s Minion Cafe. While the attractions often get the most attention, the immersive food experience could have some people seeking a table before they embark on that thrilling adventure.

Universal Orlando Resort recently revealed a glimpse into Illumination’s Minion Cafe menu. Featuring 20 items, the food offerings are approachable. From kid-friendly dishes to plant-based options, the choices appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Minion Cafe Menu at Universal Orlando
Otto’s Noodle Bowl at Minion Cafe, Universal Orlando Resort /

Some of the menu’s highlights include the “despica-bowls.” One item is the Otto’s Noodle Bowl. This type of dish is perfect for a hearty lunch or an early dinner. Plus, the visual is quite social media worthy.

Given that Universal Orlando appreciates that plant-based options need to be a menu staple, the Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower could get some people to eat more vegetables while enjoying all that theme park fun. The crispy texture is pleasant, and the cauliflower adapts to the other flavors on the plate.

Also, the Illumination’s Minion Cafe menu features a variety of handhelds like Steak & “Cheese Ray” Sandwich. While the names are a play on words, the flavors are no joke. Even if people might not be as familiar with the movie franchise, they will enjoy a meal at this restaurant.

Since sweet treats are always a favorite during a Universal Orlando trip, the Bake My Day store and the Minion Cafe dessert options will be a must try. From macarons to brownies, the visuals will have everyone making an extra purchase. Who can resist a Bob’s Teddy Bear Chocolate Cream Puff?

Minion Cafe at Universal Orlando Resort
Minion Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Of course, Minion Land would not be complete without some banana forward options. Banana popcorn is a special sweet and savory option. Maybe someone could find a way to make a banana popcorn and ice cream combination for an over-the-top dessert option.

Universal Theme Parks have pushed the food conversation forward. While the Wizarding World, its Butterbeer and other offerings might have been the start, it is only one portion on the table. From special event offerings to its various restaurants, the food is a flavorful portion of those special memories. More importantly, it creates a craving for guests to return time and again.

Illumination’s Minion Cafe is part of Minion Land. Universal Orlando Resort will be opening this new area during Summer 2023.