Van Leeuwen Ice Cream churns collaborations into a loyal following

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Uber One BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble, photo provided by Uber
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Uber One BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble, photo provided by Uber /

When Van Leeuwen Ice Cream first opened its truck in 2008, the idea of an artisan ice cream being as recognizable as other scoops might have been a lofty dream. Since that time, the company has proven itself. As seen with its recent Uber One BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble and its upcoming collaboration with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the beloved ice cream company is driving a path to huge successes.

Over the years, the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream brand captured people’s attention in two ways. First and foremost, the food company is an expert on flavors. The luscious ice cream base can be transformed into a multitude of flavors.

Although it is hard to top its signature Vanilla Bean, the brand has earned pop culture status through its unlikely flavor offerings. From Kraft Mac N’ Cheese to Hidden Valley Ranch, those savory-slanted ice creams might have had some people scratching their head, but it is more than just a gimmick. It was a way to prove that a great food recipe has the ability to adapt.

In addition, those partnerships put the Van Leeuwen name front and center in the conversation. Even if some people gravitate to 31 flavors, the reality is that others are looking for something different, exciting, yet delivers the best possible flavors.

For example, recently the ice cream brand collaborated with Uber on an exclusive offering. The Uber One BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble celebrates the end of summer. Similar to that sweet corn served with a rack of ribs or a juicy burger, this ice cream offering captures the seasonal favorite in a creative way.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Uber One offering
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Uber One BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble, photo provided by Uber /

Starting with a sweet harvest corn ice cream base, chunks of honey cornbread stud the pint. The contrast in texture between the two corn flavors is quite enjoyable. With a tangy-sweet BBQ swirl finish, it feels similar to a touch of salt in a salted caramel scenario. The swirl makes the sweet notes pop.

To enjoy this special end of summer treat, it is available on Uber Eats. Look for the banner online. It sells for $10.50.

While the special Uber Eats offering brings the end of summer treat to a wide audience, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream understands that it owes much of its success to New York City. What might have started in SoHo has become a bigger presence, including the new Times Square store.

Speaking to the Time Square location, co-founder Laura O’Neill, said, “It’s been a dream to open a location in Times Square, so for this scoop shop to be our 50th store is really special. We celebrated 15 years of Van Leeuwen this summer, and it really feels like the cherry on top to be opening in New York City’s iconic Times Square.”

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is partnering with Jean-Georges Vongerichten to launch a special collaboration. The Sour Cherry Creamsicle will be a Times Square exclusive for the opening and will be available more widely in the following weeks.

The Sour Cherry Creamsicle starts with the classic vanilla bean base and adds morello cherries sorbet. It feels both sophisticated and nostalgic. The recipe stems from one of Jean-Georges’ first recipes that he learned to make at Auberge de I’lll.

As Jean-Georges explained, “This flavor is a celebration of my journey – from my first step in the kitchen full circle to now – and a nod to the future to continue to educate, learn and grow.”

To get a taste of the special flavor, the Times Square store will open on August 24. Check with the ice cream brand for more information.

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