Celebrate Cheetos 75th birthday with The Mark of Mischief

Cheetos 75th birthday, celebrates the Mark of Mischief with Chester
Cheetos 75th birthday, celebrates the Mark of Mischief with Chester /

While snack fans understand that those Cheetle fingers are a badge of honor, another component of being a fan is going to be front and center. For Cheetos 75th birthday, it is time to celebrate the Mark of Mischief and Chester will be leading the event.

Few brands have crossed the 10 year mark let alone hit the diamond jubilee status. Even though the Frito-Lay food brand has evolved over its long history, one aspect runs through the entire history. Food served with a side of fun will always be in fashion.

Over the years, the Frito-Lay brand has found ways to join the pop culture narrative. From Super Bowl commercials to celebrity spokespeople, finding that connection beyond the snack bowl is important. From young fans to people who have eaten those cheesy, crunchy snacks for decades, keeping people engaged is vital to its success.

As part of the Cheetos 75th birthday celebration, Chester has joined Cameo. For those unfamiliar with that platform, people can request a special message from favorite personalities. In this case, asking Chester to give a friend a birthday shout out, offer the kids a back to school message, or maybe just have him proclaim that your love of Cheetos is as great as the love for that significant other could reap big rewards.

By ordering a Chester Cameo, fans are entered to win VIP access to an invite-only birthday bash. Since there is only one diamond ticket to this exclusive access, it will be highly coveted item to win.

While the Cameo event is fun, it is only one aspect to the Cheetos 75th birthday celebration. The special event will be shown online September 6 on the brand’s Instagram. The Mark of Mischief will be a special runway show. Held during NYFW, the event will definitely have heads turning. Although all the details on this special event have yet to be revealed, it will be the talk of the town.

Of course, the watch party should include some snacks. Whether that bowl is filled with a Flamin’ Hot variety or those puffs, it might be the time to showcase the snack’s variety.

Recently, snacks and food fashion have become a hot topic. From well-known fashion designers showcasing their creative runway interpretations to fans donning their favorite t-shirt, hat or other item, more people crave the opportunity to wear and taste their favorite snack food. Whether it is a way to connect with others or personal expression, food and fashion are a flavorful choice that is not going out of style.

Ready to celebrate Cheetos 75th birthday with The Mark of Mischief? Just remember, that Cheetle can leave a mark and it is hard to deny it.

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