Sodexo Live celebrates Indianapolis Colts 40th Season with an expansive new menu

Sodexo Live shares Indianapolis Colts 40th Season menu, photo provided by Sodexo Live
Sodexo Live shares Indianapolis Colts 40th Season menu, photo provided by Sodexo Live /

As the regular NFL season approaches, teams and the hospitality partners are revealing their new menus. Ahead of the Indianapolis Colts 40th Season, Sodexo Live, hospitality partners at Lucas Oil Stadium, showcased engaging menu items that fans will be lining up to enjoy. From the concession stands to the specialty areas, these food choices will have everyone arriving early to savor all the flavors.

While the tailgate might be the classic kickoff to the game, the food and beverage options inside the stadium have evolved over the years. Although the simple burger, hot dog, and pizza will always be present, the influence of food trends, celebrity chefs, and elevated palates have taken over.

Today’s food and sports offerings could rival a dinner at a favorite restaurant. Even though the bites should never take away from the action on the field, some fans are willing to plan their gameday around the food as well as seeing every play and down.

As Roger VanDerSnick, Colts Chief Sales & Marketing Officer said, “Our goal each season is to provide new food and beverage options and additions that enhance the fan experience and truly embody our home city and state. We hope everyone who visits will enjoy the mix of traditional favorites and elevated gameday fare that we’ve created with Sodexo Live! and our local Indiana partners this season.”

Indianapolis Colts Sodexo Live menu features local favorites
Indianapolis Colts Sodexo Live menu features local favorites, photo provided by Sodexo /

What is Sodexo Live serving for the Indianapolis Colts 40th Season?

Sodexo Live’s Jon Wanland, the stadium’s new executive chef, has curated a menu that blends local favorites with some traditional game day fare. For example, the BBQ Brisket Sandwich features local JohnTom’s BBQ sauce. Although the BBQ chopped brisket is wonderfully prepared, the flavor is even better with that favorite local flare.

Another nod to local cuisine is the Taste of Innova Wings + Greens, owned and operated by locals Kara and Monique Hawkins. The comfort food focused dishes feature innovative and traditional cuisine. Its broad based options will appeal to a diverse group of palates.

Indianapolis Colts 40th Season menu includes specialty burgers
Indianapolis Colts 40th Season menu includes specialty burgers, photo provided by Sodexo Live /

While culinary creativity is always appreciated, hot dogs and hamburgers still have prime space on the menu. This season, there will be rotating toppings where fans can vote on their preference. The winning options will move onto the next round. This idea ensures that guests will have their favorite food ready and waiting. It might also be a lucky food. Although, it remains to be seen if there is some good luck or even superstition involved with the top choices.

In addition, the suites will be featuring some delectable choices. Options like Sweet Tea Fried Chicken, Hoosier Corn and Edamame Salad, and Monkey Bread are available.

From Cantina Nachos to a sweet treat, the Sodexo Live culinary team has it all covered this season. Regardless of the outcome of the Indianapolis Colts 40th Season, the food menu is a win in the books.

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