A new dark presence lurks in the shadows of Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley

Universal Orlando Diagon Alley Death Eaters, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando Diagon Alley Death Eaters, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

While the HHN scarezones are taking shape and the fog is starting to accumulate, another scary presence will be making an appearance this fall. Although some people use their mark to conjure the dark side, guests to Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley might want to look more carefully in the shadows. The Death Eaters have arrived.

As people step beyond the walls, the Wizarding World of Diagon Alley comes alive. From the colorful confections in the sweet shops to the refreshments being poured, the muggle world has been left behind. While the dragon’s heat radiates the space, the fantasy world comes alive. Whether people have carefully read every chapter or have watched the movies time and again, that immersive space allows guests’ imagination to come to life.

Although many people look to the light, good side of the Harry Potter world, the dark side is equally as important to the story. For the first time, Death Eaters have arrived to Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley.

From September 1 through November 4, Lord Voldemort’s loyal followers will be making their presence known. The interactive, live entertainment will put guests face to face with the fearsome characters. Although no one should lose their soul or be sent to Azkaban due to these encounters, the experience might not be for the faint of heart.

Universal Orlando Diagon Alley Death Eaters
Universal Orlando Diagon Alley Death Eaters, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Adding the Death Eater experience during the annual Halloween Horror Nights is a smart choice for the popular Orlando theme park. While some people use the Wizarding World as a refuge from the HHN frights, some people have wanted the darker side to seep into the streets of London. Even if this experience might not be quite as extreme as some other offerings, it completes the whole event.

Also, the addition of the Death Eaters shows that scary can be psychological not just gory or a jump scare. Knowing that someone is watching can be as creepy as the terrifying clown standing at the end of the hall.

Even when that thirst for the Butterbeer calls, remember you might not be alone standing in line. That sweet sip is satisfying, especially after all those screams.

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