Brooks Nader, pickleball, and CELSIUS are a winning combination, interview

Brooks Nader for CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, photo provided by CELSIUS
Brooks Nader for CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, photo provided by CELSIUS /

Whether it is that particular sound or fun terminology like “in the kitchen,” pickleball has soared in popularity. While that sport has people running to the courts, celebrities have picked up the paddle to play, too. Ahead of the CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, Brooks Nader discusses her connection to the sport, staying energized for all the action, and a flavorful mocktail to sip after the game.

From her recent Sports Illustrated cover to her social media presence, Brooks always turns heads. Her fashion choices have people longing to mimic her looks and they look to her for the next big thing.

As part of the CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, Brooks joins other celebrities and personalities to have some fun playing the popular sport and raise funds for charity. Even though this special event is not open to the public, a few details about all the action will be revealed. From the occasional ribbing to the spirited play, the event will be one to remember.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Brooks about her participation in the CELSIUS Pickleball Classic. Here is a transcript of interview.

Brooks Nader for CELSIUS Pickleball Classic
Brooks Nader for CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, photo provided by CELSIUS /

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: With pickleball surging in popularity, when did you get interested in the sport?

Brooks Nader: I was introduced to pickleball 6 months ago by friends who live in LA that have played for a while. It’s such a social sport which I love and makes working out fun! For the first time, CELSIUS is hosting a celebrity pickleball tournament with David Dobrik! It’s happening on August 25th and I’m so excited to be playing with a bunch of people including David himself, Olivia Culpo, Tyler Cameron and so many more. It’s bracket-style, with 8 teams of 2. Plus, a $50K donation will be made to the winning team’s charity of choice- which is the best part. Two Friends will be DJ’ing too, so I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of my friends, sipping on my favorite CELSIUS drinks and of course playing pickleball!

CS: While the play is important, is a signature look a way to impress on the court?

BN: For me, crafting the look is the most important part, especially since I’m so new to pickleball, I’m going to focus on what I know best, fashion! Who knows if I will win, but I’ll be the best dressed! With every sport I play, I like to pick my gear and outfits first. I find that I work out harder when I look and feel my best. I have a couple of outfit options that are fun and sport.

CS: Since pickleball is a spirited game, do you ever try to get into your opponent’s head?

BN: Well, I’m not sure I can start trash talking yet since I’m so new to the game but I will definitely try to distract my opponents with some funny and unexpected comments.

CS: Staying energized during a game is key. How does CELSIUS help keep you energized as the game gets down to the wire?

BN: Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to do a lot of things without CELSIUS, certainly not a competitive sport like pickleball! Drinking CELSIUS is a part of my daily routine, and there’s so many amazing new flavors they’ve launched recently like Sparkling Cosmic Vibe, Sparkling Oasis Vibe and Sparkling Green Apple Cherry.

I’m actually trying to get my gym to carry CELSIUS too. It’s something so great for pre-workouts, pre-event prep and more. It’s a crucial part of my routine, especially when it comes to exercise. Compared to a typical coffee or latte, it speeds up my metabolism but I still feel super motivated and energized to work out. I get a better workout in, as opposed to when I have a coffee where there’s lots of crashing.

CS: What’s your favorite CELSIUS flavor?

BN: My favorite is Sparkling Arctic Vibe! I think it will be my flavor of the week leading up to the tournament.

CS: Have you ever paired your outfit or vibe to your CELSIUS beverage?

BN: I’ve never matched my outfit to my CELSIUS can but maybe I should start! If I wear a blue outfit, I could pair it with a Sparkling Arctic Vibe, or something floral with a Sparkling Tropical Vibe. That might be fun! There are certain flavors I like in the morning vs. afternoon and when I’m on set for 17 hours, I’ll take any CELSIUS I can get my hands on!

CS: We’ve heard that CELSIUS can easily be transformed into mocktail. Do you have a favorite one?

I’ve definitely made my own versions of CELSIUS Sparkling Tropical Vibe CELSI-Rita mocktails before since I love that flavor, but I can’t wait to try the official mocktail version at the tournament! I love a good margarita, but mocktails are also a great alternative so you can still feel like you’re having fun without the buzz.

Recipe for Tropical Vibe CELSI-Rita:

  • 1 Can CELSIUS Sparkling Tropical Vibe
  • Splash of Pineapple Juice
  • Splash of coconut water
  • Squeeze of Lime
  • Lime Garnish

CS: For anyone who wants to get into pickleball, what’s your best advice?

BN: Go in with an open mind. Don’t think too much about your skill level. It’s such a fun and forgiving sport. And of course- practice makes perfect!

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