IHOP Biscuit menu celebrates sweet and savory flavors any time of day

IHOP Breakfast Menu features sweet and savory options, photo provided by IHOP
IHOP Breakfast Menu features sweet and savory options, photo provided by IHOP /

Although pancakes will always be stacked high, the IHOP Biscuit menu brings a taste of homemade warm, flakey deliciousness to the table. From sweet to savory, these food choices will have many people sitting down to enjoy one or more of the options.

Recently, IHOP has been innovating its menu. Although the pancakes will always be front and center, culinary creativity is important. From those pancake tacos to fun collaborations, each new food offerings brings excitement.

With the new IHOP Biscuit menu, the brand takes a classic and offers its own twist. While the launch involved heading to the biscuit capital of the world, Natchez, Mississippi, enjoying one of these flakey, buttermilk biscuits does not require a trip down South.

Speaking to the new menu item, Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP said, “IHOP’s Biscuits menu is a continuation of our menu evolution that offers craveable and flavorful items any time of day for us. We are thrilled to be in the Biscuit Capital of the World today to debut Biscuits on the IHOP menu. IHOP’s off-premise ordering continues to account for over 20 percent of our business, and the brand has leveraged this latest Biscuit menu addition to ensure items can be enjoyed whether guests dine-in or take their meal to-go.”

IHOP Breakfast Menu
IHOP Breakfast Menu features sweet and savory options, photo provided by IHOP /

What food choices are on the IHOP Biscuit Menu?

The IHOP Biscuit Menu includes both savory and sweet options. The two savory choices are a classic breakfast biscuit sandwich and a chicken biscuit.

The interesting choice is the Chicken Biscuit Sandwich. While some quick service restaurants do have chicken as a breakfast item, this IHOP offering feels more like a heartly mid-day meal. The crispy chicken contrasted with the warm biscuit is a nice contrast. Although this sandwich is served with country gravy, it might have been nice to have a hot honey option, or a hot honey maple choice. Maybe someone can customize this offering.

IHOP Strawberries and Biscuits
IHOP Strawberries and Biscuits, photo provided by IHOP /

For the sweet offerings, the focus is on strawberries. The classic combination of strawberries and biscuits is a longtime favorite. While these options have a rich, creamy cheesecake mousse, the sweetness is front and center but that punch of tanginess helps to bring balance. Whether enjoyed as a meal or dessert, it might become a guest favorite quite quickly.

The new IHOP Biscuit Menu is available now. It can be enjoyed both in restaurants and via to-go orders. Check with local restaurants for more information and pricing.

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