Pringles Everything Bagel might be the most craveable flavor yet

Pringles Everything Bagel hits store shelves, photo provided by Pringles
Pringles Everything Bagel hits store shelves, photo provided by Pringles /

While Flavor Stacking has created memorable food creations, the new Pringles Everything Bagel is the snack game changer that people need to try. Although that iconic bagel and schmear might be a breakfast staple, this new Pringles offering has many people thinking about all the possible uses for this crisp.

Over the years, Pringles has embraced flavor innovation. From extreme spice to pop culture collaborations, the shelf has been filled with offerings that have had people talking long after the first bite.

With the new Pringles Everything Bagel, the latest flavor brings that classic combination of onion, garlic, and spices to the iconic crisp. In addition, there is a slight tanginess from that note of cream cheese schmear. It is a simple idea, but one that has resonated greatly with fans.

As Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles said, “From Pringles Philly Cheesesteak to Pringles Enchilada Adobada — fans have long enjoyed our endlessly creative flavor innovations. New Pringles Everything Bagel perfectly captures the nation’s favorite bagel flavor for a seamless snacking experience, no cream cheese schmear or deli trip necessary.”

Pringles Everything Bagel
Pringles Everything Bagel hits store shelves, photo provided by Pringles /

Thinking about this special new flavor, the concept brings the everything bagel flavor front and center. While there was a time where everyone was sprinkling those spices on dips, snacks, or even over proteins, the reality is that the combination of ingredients has a great appeal. It is salty, savory, and even a touch pungent in the best way. One bite leads back to another.

Adding this flavor to the Pringles line-up is a smart choice for the brand. Although some people might enjoy the bougie appetizer of Pringles and caviar, this new limited edition flavor could be the flavorful swap on a cheese board or other appetizer tray. Instead of another cracker or bread stick, why can’t Pringles be part of the conversation.

The new Pringles Everything Bagel will be available in stores starting in late August. Check with retailers for availability or visit Pringles on socials for more information.

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