Crown Royal Golden Apple toasts to the new Golden Bachelor

Crown Royal Golden Apple, photo provided by Crown Royal
Crown Royal Golden Apple, photo provided by Crown Royal /

Love can bloom a second time around. As the “Golden Bachelor” premieres on September 28, Crown Royal Golden Apple is set to raise a glass to a mature love. Sometimes age can make that second chance even sweeter.

While youth can bring exuberance, there is no substitute for age. In the liquor world, those few extra years in a barrel can round out flavors, infuse nuance, and develop a richness that only can be achieved by letting that liquor mature.

With the Crown Royal Golden Apple, the concept takes the whisky conversation in a new direction. Although Crown Royal has had much success with its flavored whisky, this option is different.

With 23 years of aging combine with the golden apples invites a deeper conversation. In a way, the liquor feels like a sweet ending to a thoughtful conversation. The warmth of cinnamon, creamy sweetness of vanilla, and depth of toasted oak lingers just long enough to make a lasting impression.

Although many people have watched “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” over the years, the “Golden Bachelor” appreciates that love does not have an age limit. As Gerry Turner looks for someone special to appreciate those sunset years, Crown Royal Golden Apple wants to raise a glass to finding love and companionship at any age.

Crown Royal Golden Apple
Crown Royal Golden Apple, photo provided by Crown Royal /

For the upcoming series consider enjoying Spare Key cocktail. Here’s how to make one.

Spare Key


  • 2oz Crown Royal Golden Apple
  • Ice
  • Apple Slice Garnish


  • Pour 2 oz of Crown Royal Golden Apple over ice or neat in a rock glass

In some ways, this cocktail is a reminder that a great relationship does not have to be complicated. Even though many dating shows bring the flare for the drama, it overlooks what really matters. Without a great foundation, love is fleeting. Just like a great cocktail’s enjoyment lingers long after the glass is emptied, a memorable love affair should always have a piece of your heart.

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