Juvee Peachy Mangopuff celebrates its exuberant playfulness in every sip

Juvee Peachy Mangopuff a Gopuff exclusive, photo provided by Gopuff
Juvee Peachy Mangopuff a Gopuff exclusive, photo provided by Gopuff /

Whether it is a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me up, energy drinks need to delivery both a flavorful sip as well as that energy enhancement. With the new Juvee Peachy Mangopuff, the GoPuff exclusive beverage is set to improve that mood one can at a time.

While many people go to Gopuff for its convenience and deals, the brand has leveraged its exclusive offerings to set itself apart from the crowd. One of those offerings is Juvee, created by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, the energy beverage is more than just a caffeinated jolt. It is meant to celebrate the concept of rejuvenation, which is referenced in the name.

The partnership between Gopuff and Juvee is more than just a space to sell a beverage. As Daniel Folkman, SVP of Business at Gopuff commented, both brands focus on the concepts of “customer-inspired, playful and connected.” One can might not change the world, but it can pour a conversation to move the needle in a new direction.

Joining the other flavors in the line is the new Juvee Peachy Mangopuff. Nadeshot says this new flavor is an invitation to play. Whether it is heading outdoors to tackle a new challenge or the sip to open the eyes after a long night, it is the juicy, tropical flavor that brings a perkiness to the beverage.

Juvee Peachy Mangopuff a Gopuff exclusive
Juvee Peachy Mangopuff a Gopuff exclusive, photo provided by Gopuff /

The beverage is a blend of peach and mango. While the brand has touted its mood-lifting effects due to its signature ingredients, it is the clean, crisp flavor that brings people back time and again. Whether it is the person who is trying to channel that recent tropical vacation or the one who longs for a taste of grandma’s peach cobbler, the two fruit flavors satisfy every time.

According to the brand, each 12 oz can is only 5 calories, has 128 mg of caffeine, and various vitamins and minerals. A can is $3.49 on Gopuff. In addition, people can scan the can’s QR code to gift a free can to a friend.

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