Juvee brings a mindful energy boost that celebrates the joy of play

Juvee, rejuvenating energy drink, photo provided by Juvee
Juvee, rejuvenating energy drink, photo provided by Juvee /

Some people seem to have endless energy. Even though a young child might be ready to play from sunup to sundown, adults may have that lull which could zap that get up and go enthusiasm. At the same time, many consumers are thoughtful about their beverage choices. Beyond the flavor component, many people want to know that their beverages can maintain that overall balance. With Juvee, the new energy drink celebrates the joy of play with a sip of mindfulness.

The energy drink market seems to continually be expanding. From beverages that give you wings to flavors mimicking favorite candies, the shelf has many options. While there are many choices, new beverages have to find a way to standout and become that crave-worthy refreshment.

A new energy drink, exclusively available on Gopuff, Juvee focuses on what its name stands for, rejuvenation. While it can boost energy, there is a mindfulness woven into the increased focus and overall well-being.

Created by 100 Thieves, the global gaming lifestyle brand from gaming content creator Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, Juvee has gone through rigorous testing over the past 18 months. While tested by the gaming community, the beverage is not limited to just one group. The hope is that these energy drinks will inspire more play, however play is defined.

According to Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, founder of Juvee and founder & CEO of 100 Thieves, this offering was built around the joy of play. While built on his terms, it feels inclusive since everyone can appreciate the sentiment associated with the diversion that play offers and enjoying activities that bring happiness.

In addition, Sam Keene, general manager for Juvee shared that this beverage focuses on sustainable energy. Specifically stating, “Our inspiration when developing Juvee was to help people create their own energy, on their own terms, and be inspired to make more time for play.”

Each can contains a combination of B Vitamins, Taurine, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Panax Ginseng, and Vitamin C. The various ingredients are meant cover various categories, including long-lasting energy, elevated mood, focus and overall well-being. In addition, each can has five calories and zero sugar.

For the new beverage launch, Juvee comes in three flavors, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon Lime, and Tropical Crush. Each flavor seems to blend sweet and tart in a familiar way. From the always popular Kiwi Strawberry combination to the bright lime with the juicy watermelon, there is something both nostalgic and exciting about popping open a can.

Juvee Tropical Crush
Juvee Tropical Crush, photo provided by Juvee /

The most exciting flavor of the three is the Tropical Crush. Combining passionfruit, orange, guava and pear, it has a slight fruit punch vibe but with a modern approach. The addition of passionfruit and guava with the traditional orange and pear makes it an exciting sip. That slightly bolder flavor will have many people crushing this can.

The Juvee launch is exclusively on Gopuff or the brand’s website. This latest offering joins other successful celebrity influenced brands, like the recent Good Eat’n, that can be found on the Gopuff platform. The instant commerce platform looks to be that reliable shopping experience.

It is time to rejuvenate the energy beverage experience. Juvee is waiting to be enjoyed and it might be refreshing way to fuel play.