Bud Light Easy To Sunday celebrates NFL fan rituals and passions

Bud Light Easy To Sunday campaign for the 23-24 NFL Season, photo provided by Bud Light
Bud Light Easy To Sunday campaign for the 23-24 NFL Season, photo provided by Bud Light /

Whether people are Jets fans or hope that the Bills get their moment, the NFL fan rituals often include having a cold beverage within reach. For the 2023-24 season, the Bud Light Easy To Sunday campaign celebrates those football traditions that keep people connected to their favorite teams.

From growing up watching games with family to cheering the home town pride and joy, many NFL fans are connected to a particular team. Each game day starts with putting on the special jersey, lining up the snacks, and hoping that the outcome is not determined by a final 50-year field goal attempt.

Over the years, Bud Light has been part of the football conversation. Beyond the brand’s memorable Super Bowl commercials, the NFL themed cans have been an easy way for people to showcase their team pride. For over 27 years, the classic beer brand has been part of game day.

Bud Light NFL Team Cans
Bud Light NFL Team Cans for the 23-24 Season, photo provided by Bud Light /

As Todd Allen, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light said, “We know for NFL fans Sunday has become synonymous not only with game day, but also with time-honored traditions. Our new ‘Easy to Sunday’ campaign celebrates and honors those real Sunday moments that bring NFL fans across the country closer to their friends, their family and their local communities – and we are so proud to play a role in as a brand.”

For the 2023-24 NFL Season, Bud Light Easy to Sunday campaign puts passionate fans front and center. While some football commercials are unretiring favorite players, these commercials focus on real people. When the game is on, nothing will stop these fans from cheering on their team.

The connection between fans and football is unique. In some ways, a team can unite people. Whether it is different backgrounds, personal beliefs, or languages, everyone can understand the excitement watching a new linebacker get that first sack or closing their eyes on the final game play and hoping that the hail Mary pass hits the mark. During game time, it is time to put away differences and cheer for a successful outcome.

The Bud Light Easy to Sunday campaign will be featured throughout the NFL season, the NFL cans are on store shelves, and the beer brand has other activations throughout the season.

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