Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew shakes up a new seasonal beverage conversation

Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew, photo provided by Monin
Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew, photo provided by Monin /

While that PSL might be the gourd-tastic way to start the day, the popular seasonal beverage can use a glow-up. With Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew from Monin, the flavor combination brings versatility which has people shaking up their beverage options.

From the coffee shop to the restaurant to the bar, seasonal flavors take over the menu. While pumpkin fills the plate and the glass, some people want more than just a heaping spoonful of spice. It is time to shake up the seasonal beverage conversation with a hint of sweetness.

Recently, Monin released its Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew. After successful launches of its Hot Honey Syrup, the fall offering is more than just another seasonal coffee. It allows people to bring that sweet, spicy fall flavor to the bar, the dessert course, or whatever creative choice that moves them.

Looking to bring more flavor diversity to the fall offerings, Stasha Johnston, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Monin Americas said “We’re thrilled about this novel coffee blend this season. Whether consumers are on the go and traveling, or operators are looking to satisfy seasonal demand, Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate meets those needs with an elevated take on a classic fall-favorite flavor.”

Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew from Monin
Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew, photo provided by Monin /

Looking for some Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew recipes?

With the Monin Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew, the beverage can be served simply over ice or can be used as a flavor enhancer. For example, Espresso Martinis continue to be a popular choice. Why not use the cold brew as a swap for espresso. A shot of vodka, the cold brew, and a touch of cream make for a lovely seasonal sipper.

In the cocktail space it is easy to bring this seasonal flavor to the shaker. Whether it is enhancing an Old Fashioned or even bringing a little extra to a rum drink, it can be fun to play behind the bar.

For people who prefer a sweeter option, the cold brew can amplify a simple vanilla milkshake with this fall flavor. Consider adding a few maple pecans on top for some texture.

Or, try adding a little of the cold brew to a chocolate mousse or even a simple brownie to bring that seasonality to the plate. Although it might take a little practice to determine the perfect ratios, it can get people talking in the kitchen.

The Monin Maple Pumpkin Cold Brew is available now. Check with the brand for more information.

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