What the Fanta mystery Halloween flavor has people stumped

Fanta mystery Halloween flavor hits store shelves, photo provided by Fanta
Fanta mystery Halloween flavor hits store shelves, photo provided by Fanta /

While the spooky season is often full of tricks, the Fanta mystery Halloween flavor still has a touch of sweetness. Are the clues leading people down the correct path or are people feeling even more stumped?

Playing the guessing game with a mystery beverage can be enjoyable. From debating the flavor with friends to feeling triumphant when the flavor is revealed, the reality is that people appreciate that extra fun pour.

Halloween often brings mystery flavors to the table. It is more than just closing your eyes and willingly taking a forkful of food on a dare. The secretive beverages have become a tradition, just like visiting a haunted house or frightening event.

With the Fanta mystery Halloween flavor, the beverage brand decided to join the conversation by launching a multi-sensory experience. As Dane Callis, Senior Brand Manager, Fanta North America, commented, “Consumers love the fun of a guessing game, especially during Halloween when mystery and the allure of the unknown play such a key role in the festivities. Since Fanta has a longstanding association with Halloween and with delivering a wide variety of bold, irresistible flavors, we saw the opportunity to do something innovative and novel. The brand is already known for one of the holiday’s two primary colors—orange—so we thought, ‘Why not fulfill the tableau with a black-colored Fanta and Halloween-inspired packaging graphics?’”

Fanta mystery Halloween flavor
Fanta mystery Halloween flavor hits store shelves, photo provided by Fanta /

What can you expect when you open the Fanta mystery Halloween flavor?

While social media content looks to give a few hints about the flavor in the can, the reality is that people might want to pour the beverage into a glass. Unlike other mystery beverages, the dark color can give a hint to the taste.

As the brand mentions, drinking this drink could result in a black tongue. Although that darkness might sound spooky, it is just circumstance. Any colored beverage will result in a colored tongue.

Looking across some of the social media posts, the guests are blackberry. Overall, most people find the flavor sweet. Given that other Fanta flavors are fruit forward, the blackberry or other dark berry flavor makes sense. Looking across the posts, there is a lot of purple colors in the frame.

Lastly, Fanta shared that the zero-sugar drink is a 5D drinking experience. Maybe that sentiment is a reminder to explore the drink without letting those outside influences drive the enjoyment. Whether or not people truly stay, “What the Fanta” after drinking this flavor remains to be seen. Still, this offering does bring a little extra fun during the spooky season.

The Fanta mystery Halloween flavor is available now. It can at various retailers and in Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

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