2023 MTN DEW VOODEW flavor awaits with a spooky surprise

2023 MTN DEW VOODEW awaits with a new mystery flavor, photo provided by MTN DEW
2023 MTN DEW VOODEW awaits with a new mystery flavor, photo provided by MTN DEW /

For the fifth year, the Dew Nation has a spooky sippable surprise chilling in the beverage bucket. The 2023 MTN DEW VOODEW flavor is waiting to be poured. Could this latest addition scratch that seasonal itch or is the bubble about to pop on this flavor mystery?

While not a blind wine tasting, a mystery beverage is often a fun game to play with friends. Clues to those flavor notes can appear in the color. Or, maybe that aroma hits with an instant appreciation for the refreshment that awaits.

Still, that sense of the unknown adds to the enjoyment. No one is telling the drinker what they should or should not taste. It is a discovery, a journey, and just some simple entertainment.

Over the past five years, MTN DEW VOODEW has brought a beverage mystery to the Halloween season. What started as a fun promotion has turned into a highly anticipated event. Whether people incorporate the beverage into their themed parties, dress up like that reaper, or just run to the store for the first sip, the spooky season is not complete without enjoying at least one bottle.

The 2023 MTN DEW VOODEW has been revealed. Although the information from MTN DEW is sparce, there is a flavor reference to a “very particular beloved trick or treat candy.”

In the last four MTN DEW Seasonal offerings, the candy reference was clear. From candy corn to last year’s sour candy, some people were able to decipher the flavor trail.

2023 MTN DEW VOODEW awaits with a new mystery flavor, photo provided by MTN DEW /

For this year’s offering, the single phrase does not offer a lot of information, but the coloring and imagery might be more telling. On the bottle, pink is the stand out color. Could that mean that bubblegum might be the flavor?

Also, the product imagery shows a hand that might be similar to a horror icon, Freddy Kreuger. While the Nightmare on Elm Street lead might invade people’s dreams, he once had bubble gum for sale. His humor might slant more adult than childlike, but those sharp knives could easily pop a bubble.

For now, everyone will have to take that first sip to determine for themselves the 2023 MTN DEW VOODEW flavor. Hopefully, the creeper hasn’t hidden any spells in the bottle to conjure some nightmares after consumption.

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