More than half of surveyed adults crave this breakfast food

Breakfast food offerings at Casey's, photo provided by Casey's,
Breakfast food offerings at Casey's, photo provided by Casey's, /

Many people have a favorite breakfast food. Putting aside the thirst for a caffeine fix, that hunger for a satisfying bite makes the first meal of the day a priority. But which food do people really want served first thing in the morning?

Whether the day starts before the sun rises or at a little later hour, the reality is that people want a satisfying meal. Even if those sweet treats are tasty, others prefer a heartier choice. At the same time, people might prefer a ready-made option. Finding that choice which is the perfect slice could be easier than it seems.

According to a recent Casey’s survey, more than half of adults want pizza to be a more traditional breakfast food. While some people happily eat a cold slice from last night’s dinner to start their day, a breakfast pizza might be a balanced choice that brings the protein, flavor, and fun to the table.

As Tom Brennan, Casey’s Chief Merchandising Officer shared, “You heard it here first, pizza is breakfast in Casey’s Country, and we’ve been serving up delicious, handmade breakfast pizza for over 20 years. At Casey’s, we’re here to provide guests with a variety of breakfast offerings that are craveable and convenient. For parents, kids, morning commuters and early risers alike – pizza for breakfast is the answer.”

breakfast food favorites include breakfast pizza
Breakfast food offerings at Casey’s, photo provided by Casey’s, /

While Casey’s breakfast pizza has been a favorite with many people, the survey shows that people are not just looking for donuts and pancakes. That fresh dough topped with eggs, bacon and sausage is just want people want. Whether the choice is fun, easy, or a combination of both, the reality is that ordering that pie can be the great way to start the day.

The survey showed that adults would happily order breakfast pizza if that option was readily available. While many quick service restaurants have a plethora of sandwiches, breakfast pizza is not an option. Casey’s stands out with their food choice. It makes people outside of the Casey General Stores blueprint quite jealous.

Given that people are craving these breakfast pizzas, it will be interesting to see if other food brands step up to the plate. While few can compete with Casey’s freshly made dough, maybe that pizza concept can find its way to more establishments.

For now, head to Casey’s for that slice of breakfast pizza. It’s only $4.99 for a mega slice till October 25. After all, a great breakfast food is always a smart way to start the day.

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