Wholly Guacamole makes it easy to bring bold flavors to the bowl

Wholly Guacamole creative recipe ideas, photo provided by Wholly Guacamole
Wholly Guacamole creative recipe ideas, photo provided by Wholly Guacamole /

From being served with chips to a topping on a burger, Wholly Guacamole is always a popular choice with a crowd. While those containers might be convenient to purchase, they open a slew of flavorful recipes. Waiting for avocados to ripen is the pits, but these bold flavors are waiting to be discovered.

Over the years, many people have turned to Wholly Guacamole for its food offerings. From the single serve containers to the larger bowls for a crowd, the brand appeals to a wide range of consumers. With five options in its line-up, original, spicy, chunky, organic and hatch chile, one of the choices will be a winner.

While many people choose this brand for its convenience, it is more than just the open and enjoy aspect that makes the brand a top choice. In some ways, the brand lays the foundation to some culinary creativity.

For example, a taco bar has become a popular choice for both a large party and even a weeknight dinner. Why not make a guacamole bar for that next gathering. The idea is quite simple. Actually, for anyone who has had custom, tableside guacamole at a restaurant, the concept is relatively similar.

Wholly Guacamole recipe ideas
Wholly Guacamole creative recipe ideas, photo provided by Wholly Guacamole /

First, start with a few single serve Wholly Guacamole containers. It might be best to keep the jars on ice in a big bowl. After all, cold guacamole is much more appealing. Then, add some medium size bowls so that people can mix up their preferred flavor combination.

Along the table add some containers of common and creative ingredients. Since guacamole is a great base for almost anything, the options are many. From simple onions and jalapenos to mango and pineapple, allow people to experiment with flavors. Although some people might not opt for a traditional Mexican Chapulines, there are plenty of ways to bring something new to the own. From pepitas for crunch to cilantro for brightness, there are many ways to customize a guacamole.

And, since the Wholly Guacamole containers are small and convenient, there is no fear in messing up that first recipe. Unlike having to wait for the fruit to ripen, this option is always good to go.

Lastly, when thinking about creating a guacamole recipe, consider appealing to all of the senses. Bright colors bring excitement and anticipation for the first bite. A combination of textures leads to eating satisfaction. A balance of flavors ensures that the overall enjoyment is on point.

During the next shopping trip, add some Wholly Guacamole to the cart. One simple purchase could open a path to even more flavor on the plate.

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