Serena Pitt explains why RumHaven Paradise Party Pack is a seductive vibe, interview

RumHaven Paradise Party Pack from Cocktail Courier, photo provided by RumHaven
RumHaven Paradise Party Pack from Cocktail Courier, photo provided by RumHaven /

As Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 is set to debut, series alum Serena Pitt is ready to shake up the perfect cocktail to sip on while watching all the drama. The new RumHaven Paradise Party Pack has a flavor that whisks people away to that tropical escape. Could a love match be discovered while sipping that cocktail?

Cocktail Courier has been a popular choice for at home mixologists. While many people have become more comfortable with their abilities behind the bar, a little guidance is always helpful. From the right glassware to better appreciating special ingredients, the reality is that a well curated box sets the stage for a memorable beverage.

Recently, RumHaven launched its new RumHave Paradise Party Pack. The box includes everything needed to create a Coconut Crush, the ultimate cocktail for that BIP party. Specifically, the cocktail combines pineapple juice, orange juice, and a splash of coconut cream with a sprinkling of nutmeg to bring a sip of escapism in a glass. It will have people swooning with the first sip.

As part of this Cocktail Courier launch, RumHaven partnered with Serena Pitt. While she might know a thing or two about falling in love in paradise, Pitt appreciates that flavor sparks a memory, creates a vibe, and can be the perfect way to connect with someone special.

RumHaven Paradise Party Pack from Cocktail Courier
RumHaven Paradise Party Pack from Cocktail Courier, photo provided by RumHaven /

During FoodSided’s conversation with Serena Pitt, she revealed how to shake up some romance, one RumHaven cocktail at a time.

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: Sometimes couples try to recreate a flavor or vibe from a special location, have you tried this idea in your relationship?

Serena Pitt: “Planning a date night with tropical elements, reflective of where Joe and I fell in love, is absolutely something we have done before! Something easy, yet very on brand with the beaches of Paradise, is mixing up a cocktail that uses a spirit like RumHaven. It makes for a cocktail that is both refreshing and tropical – thanks to its real coconut water.”

CS: Sometimes the accessories are to set the mood. How can a glass, image, or even concept spark a romantic vibe?

SP: “Definitely! Joe and my new favorite glassware for our tropical date nights happens to be the RumHaven Siren Mug – which you can snag in your own Paradise Party Pack – that instantly helps our living room feel like the beaches of Paradise.”

CS: While ambiance is important, a cocktail can set the tone, too. What is one of your go-to cocktails for the perfect night out?

SP: “While Joe typically opts for an old fashion, I have been crushing hard on RumHaven’s Coconut Crush as of late. It’s RumHaven mixed with fresh juices like orange and pineapple and a little bit of coconut cream – chefs kiss!”

RumHaven Coconut Crush from Cocktail Courier
RumHaven Coconut Crush from Cocktail Courier, photo provided by RumHaven /

CS: With the new RumHaven Cocktail Courier offering, it feels like a nod to paradise. Do you have any serving suggestions for it?

SP: “Living in NYC is a far cry from the beaches of Paradise, so when Joe and I have the opportunity to transform our home into an oasis – we absolutely do! RumHaven’s Paradise Party Pack with Cocktail Courier is meant to give fans the feeling of lounging on the infamous daybeds of Paradise. To reminisce, we love to pair the Coconut Crush with a fun taco night.”

CS: Since RumHaven is made with coconut water, do you think that ingredient works well with cocktail creation?

SP: “RumHaven is equal parts light, refreshing and tropical. Besides reminding me of my time on Bachelor in Paradise, I am particularly drawn to it because it’s easy to use in an elaborate cocktail with unique ingredients, but on the flipside, just as delicious mixed with a juice like cranberry or pineapple. The Paradise Party Pack makes it even easier for folks to give it a try because it includes all the ingredients of my current go-to cocktail Coconut Crush, which combines RumHaven with coconut cream and pineapple making it a true tropical treat. You can actually order it now to have it in time for the big premiere!”

CS: Having found love through the Bachelor world, will there be any roses in your bridal bouquet?

SP: “My bridal boutique and our floral arrangements definitely included some roses. We mostly stuck with white roses and a few other neutral shades. As much as red roses are such a symbol for us and how we met they didn’t match our design plan and I think it’s best if we leave those for Bachelor in Paradise.”

CS: The Bachelor, Bachelorette, BIP, and even the Golden Bachelor have become part of the pop culture collective. Do you think that the various shows give people more hope that they will find a special someone or their forever partner?

SP: “Definitely!! I’ve received messages on social media from people expressing that watching people fall in love on the show and find their person in such an unconventional way really brings them hope and inspiration for their own love life. I think one of the best things that comes out of the show for viewers is the message that love is out there for everyone. The Golden Bachelor is definitely going to bring a new spark to that with many of the women and Gerry looking for their second chance at love, which I think is so beautiful.”

From watching the new season of Bachelor in Paradise to toasting a personal reminder of a romantic getaway on the beach, the RumHaven Paradise Party Pack is waiting. Toast to love blooming for now and forever.

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The RumHaven Paradise Party Pack can be purchased on Cocktail Courier for $64.99. The kits are available while supplies last.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 debuts on ABC, Thursday, September 28 at 9 p.m. Episodes can be streamed the following day on Hulu.